Durante To The Rescue - Deadly Premonition PC Gets Alpha Mod That Unlocks Resolution

DSOGaming writes: "And it took him less than a day. Durante - best known for his truly amazing DSFix mod for Dark Souls PC - has released a mod for Deadly Premonition that unlocks its internal resolution."

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Iltapalanyymi2522d ago

Did not work for me, but i don't really mind. Great game! completing my third playthrough now. cant wait for the sequel!

Grave2522d ago

I don't know that much about this game. Is it true that it's so bad it's good or is this game just super unique? Also, good for Halloween I am guessing?

TheRealTedCruz2522d ago

Unique. Honestly, it just feels like a dated game. Feels like a long lost Dreamcast adventure game. Really scratched the itch that a lot of Shenmue fans have been feeling.
It's just a weird and engaging story headed by one of the best protagonists found in gaming.
I highly recommend the game.

Grave2522d ago

I loved Shenmue and miss it dearly. Looks like I'll pick this up. Thanks!

JoySticksFTW2522d ago

His Dark Souls fix is great too. He does what these publishers should do in about an hour's time.

Gaf has some crazy talented members over there.

Dante812522d ago

They should hire him as a PC technical advisor.