2008: Nintendo Waves Goodbye to Gamers

The upcoming release of both GTA IV and Wii Fit show the gap between different types of gaming is growing fast: DarkZero argues that it might be time for serious gamers to give up hope for the Wii...

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zdonit3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I can't see Wii Fit topping the charts once both games are on shelves. Maybe a month or two down the line Wii Fit might keep going strong, but for the first month of sales I see GTA IV being the winner in terms of units sold

PS360WII3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

blah blah blah. Write a pointless article get a pointless comment on it ^^

focus on one game will you okay then I think once Singstar is released I think Sony is waving goodbye to gamers and seeing that Scene It is out for the 360 I think MS waved goodbye to the gamer as well.

Yup all the console makers have waved goodbye to the gamer. Sad day it is.....

Jam_sponge3882d ago

Haha, hell no! Sony and MS releasing Singstar and Scene It! Are their attempts to gain a piece of the Nintendo pie, which will both be in vain.

PS360WII3882d ago

Granted but seeing that all he is focusing in on is one game why can't I? Everyone says DS only has Nintendodogs well then PSP only has Lumines right? Wii only has WiiFit coming out so I guess 360 only has Viva Pinata and PS3 only has the Loco Roco downloadable game. See how ridiculous I sound?

GTAIV is going to sell amazing and WiiFit will sell too. Both won't even hamper each other too so big sales for all. Just because WiiFit is hardly a game it doesn't stop games like Fatal Frame, Monster Hunter 3, Crisis Day of Disaster, Deadly Creatures, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles from being released on the Wii. Just like we all know because MS and Sony release Scene It and Singstar that doesn't stop all the other games they release.

Jam_sponge3882d ago

It doesn't say that they just have one game though- it just points out how vastly split the market has become in the fact that two AAA games can be released which are absolutely no competition to each other.

PS360WII3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

All this article is showing is that the author isn't looking into Wii games. I just listed some that he probably doesn't even know they are coming out to the Wii. It's call perception and so many people have a clouded view of the Wii. They only see Cooking Mamma and WiiFit they don't see the others. Gamers can look forward to Wii games seeing that the Wii does have games other than Wario Ware and Carnival Games. You just have to look at the Wii news like you do with the 360 and PS3.

edit: but you are right that there is a split that two big games can be released side by side with no ill effect. That's kind of a good thing for the industry seeing that it'll bring in more money then just one big named game ^^

and thanks for the help BrotherNick ;) I hate spelling never ask me to play scrabble >< lol

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zdonit3882d ago

Let's not forget both Singstar and EyeToy were released on PS2 a few years before Nintendo took this new route with their games!

Jam_sponge3882d ago

Yeah it's true, that was when Sony had a pretty large chunk of the casual market- something they've now lost!

perils3882d ago

"Yeah it's true, that was when Sony had a pretty large chunk of the casual market- something they've now lost!" so what if they have? the point zdonit was making is that singstar is in no way an attempt by sony to copy anything nintendo is doin as it was an established franchise far before wii was a twinkle in nintendos eye.

ChickeyCantor3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

"2008: Nintendo Waves Goodbye to Gamers"
"DarkZero argues that it might be time for serious gamers to give up hope for the Wii... " me stupid but i dont see the connection XD
and no i didnt read the article it must be about this"I KNOW IT ALL"( but infact didnt do much research) guy so his opinion is useless anyway =D.

""DarkZero argues that it might be time for serious gamers to give up hope for the Wii... "

WHAT HOPE BTW? i bought the Wii as a Gaming i said i didnt read the article but really....hes tlaking about "GFX" and stuff like that?


Lost Winds looks awesome....just saying XD

Farsendor13882d ago

well i don't think its so much about the graphics but the games wii won't be getting a lot of the multiplat games of ps3/360. but i didn't read it all.

im biased towards wii i won't be buying one but im not going to put the system down it does have some fun games to play and i wouldn't mind playing some of them.

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