The Divnich Tapes: X360 GTA IV To Sell Twice The PS3 Version?

Throughout this week, ex-simExchange analyst Jesse Divnich is presenting exclusive Gamasutra analysis of March's hardware and software trends, using data from The simExchange, NPD, IGN GamerMetrics and GameTrailers.

The third installment uses GamerMetrics data to compare selling points and decide which system will like claim victory with Grand Theft Auto IV's multi-platform release.

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Fishy Fingers3831d ago

If it doesn't MS should be worried. They have twice the install base give or take. They also forked out a lot of money on this.

Copies sold Vs Install base is the only why to get a true picture.

ravinash3830d ago

I expect the ratio of sales for GTA4 will be equal to that of the ratio of owners for PS3 and all in all, I find these arguments rather pointless.

sonarus3830d ago

Wasn't the ign gamemetrics data the same one fanboys were cheating with and voting at the rate of 100 times a min?

Jack Meahoffer3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Whatever the figures are its not double anymore.

When sale figures come out Sony fans say we're catching up and almost there but when we talk multiplatform game sales the 360 has double the install base... Make up your minds.

EDIT: I don't follow figures that much either but you can't help but know its not double anymore just by visiting N4G for a couple of weeks. Sale reports are posted every week. Hasn't been double for awhile.

Fishy Fingers3830d ago

Who is "Your"? I can only speak for myself and I obviously don't follow the sales figures quite as much as yourself, so for that, I apologize. But please, I'm nobodies fanboy.

mindedone3830d ago

The numbers given in this article are only for NA. Given that, these numbers are not as surprising. However, it does not take into account that this game is a system seller. I'm not sure if there have yet to be any multiplatinum system sellers released of this magnitude.

sammy_mantra3830d ago

I completely agree with you

even if the PS3 version is outsold by X360 in USA ...ps3 version will easily outsell x360 by an equal margin in europe

so at the end it will be equal

However if PS2--PS3 conversions occur then PS3 version might even outsell the x360 version in USA

Elvfam5113830d ago

which console sells the most just buy the damn game for the console you want it for im getting for the ps3 bcuz it came out for the ps2 and its good xbox lovers can play now too so enjoy the f##kin game

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Lunch3831d ago

but overseas,i don't see it happening

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I am Lunch,I am in no way related to Breakfast.

mintaro3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

the thought never crossed my mind.... but thanks for pointing that out.......

Monchichi0253830d ago

North America is by far the biggest market, especially for this game. So if it does huge numbers in the U.S. like it's expected to, then this seems very likely.

You know how us Americans love our Violence!

sammy_mantra3830d ago

PS3 version will outsell competition 2:1/3:1 or even more

in terms of worldwide sales PS3 and x360 versions will sell about equal

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AlterEgo3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

not if the pre-orders are any indication

Ariexv3830d ago

According to the official release Pre-orders worldwide favor 360 2-1 over Ps3.

ForTheFallen3830d ago

Mind stating a source?
I don't believe you at all.

sammy_mantra3830d ago

There has to be a limit to trolling

even in UK PS3 version is outnumbering x360 version 2:1 in terms of preorders

Not to mention the difference could be as high as 10:1 in Germany.Spain and ITALY and FRANCE

PS3 version will easily outsell the x360 version by big margins in europe

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PimpHandHappy3830d ago

open zone is ------------->


this game will sell for months if not years! I dont know of one person who can predict the sales of a game a year after its release. I can see the 360 version outselling the PS3 version but in two years i will bet ya the PS3 version will be on top...

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