MadCatz Offering Xbox 360 Gears of War Accessories

Gears of War, is about to launch (November 7), and Mad Catz is getting in on the action with a few interesting console accessories. The first is the faceplate plus "Console Skinz", which are graphic coverings for the side of your 360 shown above. This is $29.99.

Then there's four limited-edition faceplates that you can swap in and out, each of which are $19.99. You can see what they look like after the jump. Apparently Best Buy, Circuit City and GameStop are all getting a unique faceplate. That's a pretty cool Pokemon-ish idea.

The third item is a "Console Crate", which is essentially a cushioned box for your 360 in case you wanted to take it to your grandparents place and show them what a gory next-gen shooter looks like. This is $59.99, and you can check that after the jump as well.

All of these officially go on sale today.

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FadeToBlack4463d ago

Will have the faceplate and skinz show in that pic of the article?

PS360PCROCKS4463d ago

you probably have to go their and look, but I have to say these are pretty cool, but wont you get sick of this, just seems like a waste of money

Mikey_Gee4463d ago

But the entire skull and fire and black red theme will not look that nice in my living room and really does not match my furniture or hardwood floors very well


NewZealander4463d ago

Pretty cool, I like the skinz and face plates, the case is cool too, but just more ways to waste your money on something u dont need, ill just be happy to buy the the game :)But at least microsoft gives u choice in sexing up your xbox360, can sonys geouge forman change its skin ???

Capt InsaneO4463d ago

are sold at EB or Gamestop. I have them on mine and they look nice. This article is actually not true about all of them being out today. I have had the EB faceplate and skinz for two weeks.