The Woes of a Fat Gamer

Geekscape writes:

There are many reasons for the heavy-set, such as myself, to lament being the shape that they are. You can't run that 7 minute mile. You have to work extra hard to get that girl. You are forced to wear that ass-ugly Hawaiian shirt. With life beset on all sides because of hardships like these, there has always been a bastion in the storm: video games.


Just a note: The article is written purely for comedic purposes. The writer exagerrated to the extreme in order to make the article funny (wheher it is or not is up to you).

Just thought I should clear that up, as judging from the comments, the complaints the writer makes up are being taken seriously.

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thereapersson3855d ago

It should have said:

The hardships of being an XBOX 360 gamer...


iceice1233855d ago

I've been accused of using multiple accounts to keep my bubbles up but look at this guy. So how many accounts have you made buddy, 50?

thereapersson3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

This is my first and only profile on this website. It's not my fault blatant fanboys such as yourself get upset when people call you out for it.

BTW, it's called a JOKE. Ever heard of the term? This is the open zone after all... stop taking this crap so seriously.

Silverwolf3855d ago

Picture = pretty [email protected] gay

Please refrain your sexual desires of sucking on the wii-mote.

PhantomMD3855d ago

I was thinking the same thing Silverwolf!
Totally creepy pic!

RecSpec3855d ago

You KNOW it's time to put the controller down and get some exercise when you are writing a long blog about this topic.

"Due to our larger proportions, the controls become unstable and Samus can't turn around fast enough to attack the evil space pirate shooting her well rounded female space bountyhunter ass."

That line cracked me up, someone was daydreaming for a minute.

Massive-Delusion3855d ago

I think he's using some lame excuses. I'm sorry, but it's HIS own fault for not getting off his backside and doing some exercise.

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