Metal Gear Online Beta Gameplay

It's blurry, yes, and they're all yammering on in Japanese, but you get the gist. It's Metal Gear Online. And it's Metal Gear Online not in some pre-prepared trailer, but how it'll look when you're actually allowed into the beta on Friday (fingers crossed, touching wood upon a crossed heart). Looks...well, it certainly looks different.

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DexTh053883d ago

That video was pretty blurry, but it was cool. My only concern is that there were times when the player fired on his opponent and it didn't take him down. Either he had a bad connection or the other guy did. I just wanna play it!!!!!!!

sonarus3883d ago

Kotaku has been really harsh on MGO and MGS in general. I hope they aren't being 360 fanboys or anything. This video was posted yesterday and they pretty much posted the lamest of the videos so ppl could complain about that one guy that kept shooting someone in the head and wouldn't die. Obviously though the guy was his team mate.

I find it a little fishy that he chose that video out of the 7 videos. A little fishy indeed considering there was far more action in some other videos

LastDance3882d ago

The best MGO video ive seen is that guy in the room by himself.

Mikelarry3883d ago

i thought they said the beta wasnt till the 25th home comes some ppl are playing this

Greysturm3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

This footage was from the japanese closed beta.

Bigbangbing3883d ago

i cant wait
friday i'm counting the hours the minutes the seconds

Altis13883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

They should of spent more time working on the actual single player than to tack on this crap. Kojima must of been pressured by Konami to shovel this crap out. Its 2008, update your damn gameplay animations.

okcomputer3883d ago

The video quality is so horrible its not even worth watching.

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The story is too old to be commented.