360 GTA IV not region free

Darkzero writes: "We know that some people are planning to import GTA IV due to the game been edited in some parts of the world. However, if you are one of those people planning on doing so we'd advise you not to import the PAL version 360 release of the game as it as been confirmed it is not region free. So, if you happen to have it pre-ordered somewhere we advise run and cancel that right now.

Please note the US version of the game could be different, as a few games released in the US have been region free while the Euro one was locked. However, no details on that version have been made known as of yet."

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thereapersson3830d ago

Are PS3 games region free?

leon763830d ago

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ah!!!!!!!!!

DarK-SilV3830d ago

ps3 games are region free but bluray movies not all of them region free

DomUltra3830d ago

All games and movies are region free, don`t listen to the guy above.

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TheTruth893830d ago

ALL PS3 games are region free.

titntin3830d ago

I hate region locking!!
I hate to point it out, but all PS3 titles are region free and there is no restrictive region locking on that platform, so at least PS3 owners who want to import will be OK... shame for anyone who wanted to import a 360 version though..

Fishy Fingers3830d ago

I agree, its a real shame that people have to miss out due to censorship. The choice should be yours.

If i was an Australian the PS3 would definitely be my first choice console, then Id just have to befriend some UK/US dude to send me the games. They get charged $120 for a game, and in the case of GTA, a watered down game. Terrible.

BeaArthur3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Region games are ridiculous. I mean the box says M for mature, if you are old enough to buy the game you shouldn't be restricted to playing a censored version. I'm fine with censorship for certain ages but to censor the game for people who are old enough to pick it up is just stupid.

deeznuts3830d ago

Not all games on PS3 are region locked. Some sports games are locked, but that's not on Sony or PS3, more MLB etc controlling their products.

Kill Crow3830d ago

Most if not ALL 360 games are region coded - how is this news?

Ghoul3830d ago

mentioning a 360 is region FREE is news.
but a 360 game beeing region locked is not news but normal

Kill Crow3830d ago

agreeing or disagreeing with me ?

Ghoul3830d ago

i agree with you

its not news worthy its common

Fishy Fingers3830d ago

I thought most 360 games were region locked anyway?

Drekken3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

well some people like to point out the obvious.

titntin3830d ago

Not true - many many titles are actually region free! :)
It tends to depend on the publisher... A large number of my 360 games are US versions that play fine on my UK PAL machine. If you search google you can find a list of region compatabilities for 360 titles.

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