Battlefield 4: Which is better - Xbox One or PS4?

Videogamer: One of my main criticisms of Battlefield 4’s campaign was that it did little to make the player feel as if they were a part of a much bigger war. But in reality, they are: simply by coming along for the ride, every Battlefield 4 player is a combatant in a far more significant battle. And with the console war heating up as we edge closer to the next-gen launch, DICE’s shooter may end up being a key factor in the war between Microsoft and Sony, with the PlayStation 4 version displaying a clear advantage over the Xbox One.

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allformats2783d ago

Wow, the PS4 version kills the Xbox One version, man.

Wow! The tables have REALLY turned.

MajorJackHoff2783d ago

Well, I'm glad some developers aren't downgrading.

xHeavYx2783d ago

Just the first of many games that will show the PS4 superiority.
It has started ladies and gentlemen

GiggMan2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

@Major, I was worried about the same thing. PS4 version looks like a better direct port of the PC version.

PS4 vs PC

Xbox One vs PC

Abash2783d ago

PS4 version is the level of quality I expect from next gen gaming

NewMonday2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

glad these guys address the different color/brightness setting on the video captures

XB1 has the worse resolution at 720p, but the inferiority doesn't stop here, the jaggies make small objects look horrible also the lighting is #@$%d up.

PS4 has a smoother images because of the higher resolution, also better AA and lighting engine, and according to multiple previews today this version is close to high end PC settings.

ShinMaster2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Xbox loses all detail in the shadows. It's way too dark due to the increase in contrast.
PS4 matches the PC version more closely in this regard. It also has better AA, ambient occlusion and runs at a higher resolution.

ShinMaster2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

[double post]

UltimateMaster2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Here's something to compare:
Looking at that, no doubt the PS4 is better.

Sevir2783d ago

Well at $100 more xbox fans must be buy the console for the TV, because Games so far with multiplatform releases show that the PS4 wins... Battlefield 4 on PS4 runs more closely to the PC than the XBOX ONE!!! I'm Hearing nothing but criqettes right now from JOY, GreenPowerz/MorePowerOfGreen and all the other Usuals that have been living in lalaland!


Amiroo2783d ago


not even close to high-end pcs. it's high quality on pc, yes but not very high and not ultra.

XO = 720p , aliasings everywhere
PS4 = 900p , blury but better than XO

both are pc's high quality

PC = 1080p (atleast), Ultra quality = twice the resolution of XO and 1.5 PS4 + better textures,lightning + HBAO and other stuff

shivvy242783d ago

the ps4 version is clearly superior but honestly its not a "massive" difference, all these articles bashing the x1 kinda seems pointless after watching the video !

decrypt2783d ago

Well both are far behind the PC specially considering PCs can now be running games at 4k Resolutions.

ShinMaster2783d ago

@ decrypt

Can yours?
Regardless, I find it funny that PC gamers, even if they only have an average PC, boast about higher resolutions and framerate that they themselves can't even achieve on their own rigs.

NewMonday2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


PC = 1080p (atleast)

really?! so no 720p setting for the PC?

no hyperbole at all

and how much money dose it cost to get that level of performance? do tell

exactly! I bet I have a better rig than most of them.

abzdine2783d ago

pay more for less, i have nothing to add

pyramidshead2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

They probably had to a little bit from 1080p to 900p which is a big shame. Dice should have utilised all that ps4 power and not worry about parity at all.

Looks like this gen PS4 is going to be multiplatform king, which for me is pretty damn ideal considering some shocking ps3 ports this gen. PS4 holds up the frame rate the best and at a higher res.

If 900p still isn't acceptable....there's always Guerrilla ;P.

ChrisW2783d ago

Well... here's a better comparison...

PS4 vs XB0:

Ezz20132783d ago

i said developers don't have any more excuses about ps4 since it's not hard to work with and have the best hardware
so multiplat games will look better on ps4

and as it seems ....i was right

Computersaysno2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Sooooooo Microsoft want me to pay over 500 pounds for....this? Console + game + live sub?




Yea....ok. Don't think so.

Perjoss2783d ago

Its not too late to cancel your Xbox One console pre orders.

I'm just sayin

AndrewLB2783d ago Show
no_more_trolling2783d ago

the xbox one version is much sharper
why are people having selective blindness

go to the youtube video and see 6:15 with them in the elevator and youll see how much sharper the xo version is

VENOMACR12272783d ago

People acting like its PS4 compared to XBOX 360. Yea, I could see some minor differences but the game was still beautiful on both systems. That alone wouldn't deter me or anyone from buying an X1. Some of these comments are just ridiculous. If you didn't see the compare and just saw the X1 version, everyone would be saying how amazing it looks. I'll admit I noticed the differences, but when the screen was cut in half and you saw both systems side by side, it was tough to see the difference until they slowed it down and took snap shots comparing the two images. Lets stop acting like it was this huge, insane, ridiculous difference.

LetoAtreides822783d ago

UltimateMaster looks like something seriously wrong with the lighting on the Xbone version, it takes away the camouflage out of that soldier's uniform! Also takes away some of the clouds in the background.

Boody-Bandit2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


and how much money dose it cost to get that level of performance?"

I can't speak for decrypt but I can comment on price of my rig I built nearly 2 years ago. It ran me around $3k. I didn't even look into how it can run Battlefield 4 since I prefer console gaming (plug and play) to PC gaming. I just built a gaming rig on a whim cause I wanted to play iRacing on my FFB rig.

I would be surprised if my rig (dual GTX 590's) can run BF4 at 1080p on max settings. I should download the demo and test it just to see. But again I rarely even use my gaming rig and have no interest in playing BF4 on it. I only power it up when Steam is having ridiculous sales on games I've already played on the consoles. I like to compare them just out of curiosity.

I will be playing BF4 on the PS4.

finbars752783d ago

Just a friendly reminder is that both the comparisons where both shot in 720p 30fps.So this means we havnt eve seen the 900p on the PS4 yet.Read the article fully before judging.The fact that the PS4 stands up better then the xboxone 720p means that this game will look better then the xbone by a lot.That to me is disturbing.

Lifendz2783d ago

I'm getting the PS4 version, but I honestly didn't see that much of a difference. I guess it's due to the compression and them uploading in 720p. This will be one of those things you have to go to a Best Buy or Gamestop to see the games side by side to really appreciate. Regardless, both versions look fine.

2783d ago
Pixel_Enemy2783d ago

Xbox isn't sharper, those are called jaggies.

NukaCola2783d ago


Why is the Xbone version showing Desert BDUs and PS4 gets Cry Multicam... lol.. weird

Kevin ButIer2783d ago

4:40 look at the jaggies in the truck... seriously? I wonder if we can argue lazy developers or hardware limitations at this point... i'll wait and see...

memots2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Wow the threads are loaded with crazy Fanboy, I think some bot created about 10 accounts or something, The idiocy level went 10 fold.

I am pretty sure we will see about 10 articles claiming the opposite anyway, Can't you guys see its a never ending loop.

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xHeavYx2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I agree, now there is proof that the PS4 is superior, but I've already seen the" graphics are not everything" comments

reko2783d ago Show
VENOMACR12272783d ago

Superior would suggest the difference is large, like a Corvette is superior compared to a Mustang. But to suggest the PS4 is superior based on some minor details, I don't think you know what the word means. PS4 compared to Xbox 360, superior. PS4 compared to X1, marginally better graphics, but not mind blowing. I doubt anyone who saw this is going to cancel their X1 preorder because the shadow or some lighting looks marginally better.

Thevariance2783d ago


Definition of superior: "higher in rank, status, or quality". The word superior does not entail that there is a significant quantitative difference, but only that there is a difference.

I would say that xHeavyx used the word appropriately and I agree that based on the evidence provided by Battlefield, the PS4 is superior.

Boody-Bandit2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


Of course that's what you're going to hear. It always doesn't matter what you don't have until you do. It was the same way last gen with too many things to list. Don't you remember the whole "PS3 has no games"? Yet the last few years exclusives no longer matter. Now it's look at the exclusives. *head spins*

The whole thing is lunacy. I preferred MS hardware over everything else the past decade plus. Mostly because that is where my friends were gaming. Next gem I'm jumping ship and headed towards the land of Sony. I won't be looking back. Why anyone would pay more money for less simply boggles my mind.

To my friends that don't make the jump. Ciao, it's been real, but I'm moving on with or without you.

MysticStrummer2783d ago

@ Venoma - You need to grab a dictionary, sir.

OT - PS4 looks better, and as they say in the video this doesn't even show the difference properly because of capture method and YouTube limitations.

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Pintheshadows2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

This is much better than the other video from Eurogamer where it seems they have gotten drunk and played around with their televisions picture settings.

I'll add to this as well that the lighting in the X1 version seems a bit OTT.

darren_poolies2783d ago

Apparently it's because they weren't allowed to use their own capture cards at the review event so the PS4 version came out with the contrast looking a bit f'd up.

infinitewords2783d ago

I laughed way to hard at that.

HappyWithOneBubble2782d ago

Vince walk always make me laugh. Too funny.

ThunderSpark2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I'm a xbox fan but even I can't deny that PS4 is showing its graphical superiority. But at the end of the day, it's about the exclusives. Even though right now Sony fans are reaping from the benefits of a stronger game console.

@black0o: you have a point. even tho I love halo..

black0o2783d ago

dude take a look at ps3 exclusives this year or the year before that and compare it to the x360

xHeavYx2783d ago

Agree with black0o, Sony has had superior exclusives for years

Pintheshadows2783d ago

I understand what Jack Tretton said at E3 now.

The PS4 version seems to be a downgraded version of the PC build yet the X1 is entirely different in more ways than one.

The Digital Foundry videos comparing the X1 and PS4 versions to the PC are worth a watch. It will open a lot of peoples eyes because some on here would type that the X1 version looks better than the PC version based on their logic.

Jubez1872783d ago

You realize that the xbox hasn't really had any exclusives in the past 2 years besides a new Halo and a Gears of War cash grab? I'm not even trying to flame but I honestly think you're lying to or confusing yourself when you speak about console exclusives. IGN pretty much stopped doing System of the Year because it would be no-contest nowadays. It's cool if you like xbox but I just don't know where you come off talking about exclusives. I guess the XB1 has exclusives like Ryse but early-bird exclusives never amount to much (Lair, Heavenly Sword, Genji, The Outfit) they're more just psychological justifiers to tell yourself the console was worth a few hundo.

slimeybrainboy2783d ago

@pintheshadows Its not a downgraded PC build. PC version is scalable, this means that alot of people will play at lower quality than than the PS4 build and alot will play at a similar level and alot will play at a higher l;evel. Not every person who plays on PC has a rig better than PS4.

Sorry, but It really bugs me when people say compare PS4 to PC graphics its annoying. I dont mind videos that show specific builds like PS4 vs 7850 and i5 but to compare against PC which can be anything is dumb. It's like comparing a dolphin to a pokemon.

morganfell2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

"But at the end of the day, it's about the exclusives."

Look how that worked out this generation. And the last generation. Simply put Sony has the studios and the commitment to provide more exclusives. Period. You just made the PS4 case. Even toward the end of this generation they are still delivering. Next generation it will be worse with more developers jumping on the PS4 bandwagon.

abzdine2783d ago

it's all about exclusives after it was all about multiplatforms.
history shows who always wins when it comes to exclusives.
for me it's about them both, on PS3 i just boycotted the inferior 3rd party versions and i'm glad that first game on PS4 shows how the trend is gonna be from now on regarding 3rd party games.

Let's not forget the lower price and the Sony exclusives they have always been delivering.

AndrewLB2783d ago

Pintheshadows- Those Digital Foundry videos were taken on PS4 and Xbone devkits. Not retail hardware. it says so on

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black0o2783d ago

Next stop AC4 or NFS .. since ms is setting on CoD version

MajorJackHoff2783d ago

AC4 looks like crap either way lol. If the PS3 Vs. PS4 comparison I seen earlier is legit that is. That shit looks like a lazy ass port if I ever did see one.

pedrof932783d ago

Cod ?

1080p vs 720p ?

I think Ps4 wins here.

abzdine2783d ago

KZ: Shadow Fall blows every FPS right now, BF and COD combined.

AliTheSnake12783d ago

KZ: Shadow Fall is 30 fps. I wish bf4 single player was 30 fps. Then It would have been 1080p.

nub_cakes1012783d ago

@MajorJackHoff actually there is apretty substantial difference

MajorJackHoff2783d ago

lol what? Substantial? If you think that qualifies as a substantial difference, then you and I have a different definition of the word substantial. Also, if you're going to show me a comparison, at least make it of the same scene.

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MynextGen2783d ago

Not it doesn't look Meh compared the Xbox One so please keep thinking that the true does hurt you

CRAIG6672783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


And thats assuming this is legit footage from the latest builds of each platform, the my little sony defense force are insane.

Based on "Dave's" experience WTF!? are you kidding me!!?!!?!?!?!

ALARM-clock2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Look at this and tell me they are identical:

darren_poolies2783d ago

If you ever followed you would know they are all pretty bit Xbox fans especially Dave, so for them to say the PS4 version is superior is a big thing.

Neonridr2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

@ALARM-clock - so you are telling me that at EXACTLY the same part of the game, the developers decided to give your character an entirely differnet camouflage clothing between the XB1 and PS4 versions? Look at the guys sleeve, why would they have made a different texture for the same game on a different platform?

My spider sense is telling me that these photo comparisons are BS.

JOLLY12783d ago

Alarm clock you're correct. That image shows off which one really does look better. The Xbox one has much greater detail. All of the close up textures are so flat on the PS4. I wonder if the PS4 will look better in motion with the stuff in the background.

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Izzy4082783d ago

You're kidding me right? Did you even watch the video? Fanboyism at it's peak. -_-

Sci0n2783d ago

The thing is the casual xbots who are actually interested in pointless BS like adds spam and shiny objects with there ignorance and untrained eyes won't see the difference. Those are the type of people you can sell a sanyo HD TV because they are impressed by looking at the display with max settings all tuned up. They have no idea how calibrations work and how to get the best out of there display. Microscam was smart to darken the textures to hide the inferior version. A casual doesn't even know what deep crushed blacks is.

pedrof932783d ago

So 50% percent more powerfull then ?


kataloni102783d ago

I dont no way i see that the X1 slightly better, if its 720 and the ps4 is 900 :S wtf is this