IGN: Battlefield 4 PC Review

IGN: "Battlefield 4’s devastating destruction is an interesting, imperfect addition to its excellent multiplayer"

B-radical3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

X1=720p confirmed
polygon confirmed

x1 pre order cancelled

on topic 8.5 is ok thinking sp will be better a little bit

Timesplitter143881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

excuse me sir but "p" doesn't stand for "polygon".

And 900 polygons is about the amount of polygons in a PS1 RPG game character so I'm pretty sure the PS4 can do more than that.

kB03881d ago


I think he meant progressive:P.

Still thought it could do 1080p....at least the ps4 I thought it could.

If it's 60 fps I'm ok with it:)

PoSTedUP3881d ago

*slaps forehead* polygon is the name of the website.

shivvy243881d ago

He meant polygon ( gaming site ) ya nut

CrossingEden3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

You are canceling your pre-order because of the resolution, people like you give gamers a bad name and are the reason why the rest of the entertainment world don't take video games as seriously as films. Plus, you don't even know what you're talking about, STOP pretending to know about specs and what symbols like "p" means, it pisses off animation majors like myself who work their asses off learning about these things while people like you think that reading a friggin wikipedia article makes you an expert!

B-radical3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

:/ aha i was reffering to polygon the website.....and i just think atm i might be better off with going for a ps4 instead of x1 for multiplats...........It pisses me off when people dont think before they speak.......polygon is a website google it mate

Microsoft are drying up my patience nuff said. And it's fanboys who give gamers a bad name thank's just cause im considering changing my pre order im giving gamers a bad name? Shooooosh chootz

kB03881d ago

Why is that? The man wants the most out of his money... So he's getting the ps4 version.

Who are you to judge how he spends his money?

Minus bubble for personal attack.

Pascalini3881d ago

Just shows what's fanboys we have in here if the ps4 lot think 1080 'p' stands for polygons

insomnium23881d ago

Lol at jumping the gun or being as stupid as all hell. Polygon is the name of the site. You are a casual gamer if you haven't ever heard of the site Polygon in here.


Battlefield 1, Hardline, BF4 Servers Are Being Taken Offline by Cheaters; EA Silent on Issue

Cheaters & hackers have been causing grief on Battlefield 1, Hardline & BF4 servers, with nonstop DDoS attacks among other things. Unfortunately, EA has remained silent about it.

-Foxtrot809d ago

Course they are silent, they are hoping people flock to 2042

gamesftw250808d ago

Maybe it was a inside job then haha.

jeromeface807d ago

wouldnt be the first time, titanfall 1+2 anyone?

PapaBop808d ago

Not even if they paid me.. EA always do this with old games with less money potential, if this was Ultimate Team, they'd address and sort it faster than stories could spread. Why invest time in their products when they will just dump it in the following years? Then again EA never could see the forest for the trees.

Inverno808d ago

I imagine after those games were given out for free a couple months back through Amazon, anything that makes people go to 2042 is a plus for them

XiNatsuDragnel809d ago

They want people to go on 2042. My theory

excaliburps808d ago

Nah. I think they can't do anything about it or they want to sink money into fixing it.

Pudge102888808d ago (Edited 808d ago )

EA owns all BF servers so yes, they can do something about it but they refuse to because they dont want ppl playing their old games instead of the new one. Its EA we’re talking about here

pr33k33808d ago

if this happened in 2042, they'd have something to say. which is weird, considering battlefield 1 has more players on steam right now.

Pudge102888808d ago

Its so obvious that EA is doing this or hired ppl to mess up the games so that we’d be forced to have just 1 Battlefield working.

FPS_D3TH808d ago

Honestly it’s probably the devs themselves. They did an update to bf4 way back that kinda made assault rifles doo doo in hopes that people would flock to BF1 cuz BF4 was too perfect