Playing Apple IIc games 30 years late through an online emulator museum

Casey Johnston: I'm on a bridge of indeterminate length and a blue ninja is running at me. The camera cinematically cuts between him, sprinting in my direction, and me, doing a cautious sideways ninja creep because I don’t know any other way of moving. I kick at him vigorously, or more truthfully, I swing one leg around in the air until he runs into it enough times that he eventually dies. I hardly creep another inch before an identical enemy ninja comes running my way again.

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Grave2480d ago

"Players of these games would have to be masochistic. There is a seemingly endless number of ways that you can not only die but be compelled to start over from the beginning, set up yet another character, buy another set of weapons, and try to navigate between mountains just a little better this time so you have a slightly better chance of not dying at the hand of a giant, pentagonal rat."

Just figured out why I love Demon's & Dark Souls so much, lol.

HammockGames2480d ago

Love the pic for this article!

I remember pouring countless hours into Karateka - could almost beat that game blindfolded.