Molyneux - next-gen is all about middleware

Speaking to Gamasutra, Molyneux has been full of praise for middleware and the importance it will play in the development of next generation video games.

"[The] next generation is going to be all about that technology. It's going to be all about the technology behind faces, and behind animation, and blending," said Molyneux. "And that's blending everything - blending the graphics, blending the music, blending the gameplay."

Molyneux is currently hard at work on Fable 2 for the Xbox 360, and says that he is enjoying being able to design properly again. He also reiterated previous comments about emotions in the game.

" want you to feel real emotions with Fable 2 that you haven't felt before. I want you to experience things like unconditional love - that's what I'm trying to get to," he explained.

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dantesparda4457d ago

is "unconditional love" in a game? Isnt that what all the fanboys have for their systems? LOL!!! ha ha suckers, that was a perfect setup