Twilight Princess Opening Movie has been updated with the opening scene from Legend of Zelda for the Wii and Gamecube.

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closedxxx4461d ago

I just can't see a nifty new control scheme making this game a "GREAT" game. I'm sure it will have the expected WARM & FUZZY Zelda feel to it, but it just doesn't look impressive to me at all. The WII is not a powerful console, I know, but these visuals are so completely mid-last-gen... The landscape, the draw distance, the obviously large POLYGONAL mountains... very disappointing. Shadow of the Colossus, for the PS2, is everything that Zelda should be by now, but it ain't.

ChickeyCantor4461d ago

have you seen the gameplay-trailer thats also new on the nintendo site?

foxone4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

Dont disagree with my comment until you see that movie again.
I agree about your landscape comment,
Watch again, when the horse is running near the cliff, look closely at the side, im sure even xbox1 could do better then that.

HRP4460d ago


Christ, you're all retarded. Most game developers can't even create a game that compares with the Zelda franchise. The actual game should come before visuals and that's something too many people don't understand.

ARCHAIC, while I do agree that Zelda would look amazing with SotC-esque graphics, you have to remember that SotC is a very small game and this new Zelda is supposedly *huge*.

ChickeyCantor4459d ago

and the major mistake ppl make is that they think this zelda game is was a Wii project, but in fact it was a gamecube project.
but the Wii was close to the release of zelda :tp, they just decided to change the controllers for the Wii.

its bassicly a GCN game not a Wii game...if it was for the Wii from the start we would see a more detailed game.....

anyhow the style looks great.