A Perfect Score: Is Any Game Worthy?

Travis Meacham from Tom's Games writes........

This week we're talking about game reviews and the hype surrounding Grand Theft Auto IV.

As we approach the April 29th release date of Grand Theft Auto IV you're going to start to see some early reviews; even some "exclusive" reviews. Call my precognitive abilities into question if you want but after peering through the ether I have foreseen that GTA IV will score a few 10s. I have not played it and I'm not a raving GTA fanatic but sometimes you can just tell about a game. I knew it was going to happen to Halo 3 and I know it's going to happen with GTA IV. All game reviewers, one would hope, started their careers as children playing games. We got lucky and found our way into a position to review games for a living but that doesn't make us immune to hype and fandom. As reviewers we're supposed to give unbiased opinions of these products but it can be difficult and the hype can get the most of us resulting in scores that skew higher.

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Genesis53882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I don't no if there is such a thing as a perfect 10. But some games I have played have got pretty close.

Feihc Retsam3882d ago

There is always something that could have / should have been done better. A 95-99% is as high as any game should ever get. There is no such thing as perfection in this world.

Enigma_20993882d ago

saved me the trouble of saying it.

Shadow Flare3882d ago

Sure, i think some games should get a perfect score. If a game is groundbreaking on every level, incredible graphics, incredibly deep gameplay, incredible longevity, superb sounds and music then yes it should get a 10/10. But only if it is literally fantastic in every department with no "well this part of the game makes up for the lack of this in the game" stuff.

Point in case, GTAIV should score very highly, but the graphics of the game alone should mean it never gets a perfect 10/10. Because the graphics aren't really up to par with what some other games are pushing out. How Halo 3 got 10/10's is beyond me. Even in many reviews of the game they said the single player wasn't great, the graphics are obviously not outstandingly brilliant...but there you have it. Hype inadvertently gets high scores

solidjun53882d ago

There's always some aspect of the game that bothers this reviewer and that gamers and such; whether it's asthetic or a portion of the level, etc.. In essence, it's all subjective with regards to the number "10". However, there can consensus in how the game is viewed. Whether it's ground breaking, truly innovative or whether the game will stand the test of time in that it still will be remembered years down the line. Few games do that.

As for Halo 3...well to be honest you, i agree it shouldn't have gotten a 10/10 especially since a lot of the reviews were stating the obvious problems, such as your squad A.I and the single-player being weak and all. Sometimes hype plays a big factor into and sometimes since it's a subjective view, certain reviewers are not gonna give it anything less than a 10. Certain gamers and/or reviewers are just huge Halo fanboys. There's nothing with that but if you want an objective view, play it for youself without talking to anyone first. I've played it and i would give you my opinion on it but of course it has some hints of bias.

LastDance3882d ago

perfection is a point of view.

Neurotoxin3882d ago

No game should get 10/10 as this imply's perfection, no game is perfect and there is always a better game on the horizon.

Skerj3882d ago

Exactly, if I can think in my head "this is cool but it would be better if. .." that if means the game is not perfect, and you know what? I'm ALWAYS thinking that. What really irritates me though is when reviewers give a game a perfect score, yet put cons in the review. If the game was truly a A+/5/10/100 then wouldn't it be completely faultless?

Shadow Flare3882d ago

sorry Neurotoxin i disagree with you. Saying 'there's always a better game on the horizon' is ridiculous. Yeah of course there is. But if you're gonna say that, reviewers might as well give Gran Turismo 5 a 4/10 for graphics or something because there will always be a game with better graphics in the future. When reviewing games, you don't give it a lower score because some game in the future will always be better then it. No game will ever be completely 100% perfect. NOTHING is 100% perfect. So what do we do, just never give anything 10/10? No, i think games should get 10/10 if they are extraordinary on EVERY level. And like Skerj said, a 10/10 game should not get (-) remarks. I just feel that because no game will ever be 100% perfect, we might as well give a game that is practically perfect (with only the most stupidest of nit-picking negative remarks) a 10/10 mark.

PirateThom3882d ago

I've only ever played 1 game worthy of 10/10

Super Mario World.

The magazine I read at the time (TOTAL!), gave it 99%. Even a Nintendo magazine wasn't willing to give the most perfect game ever 10/10 so there's no way Halo 3 should be getting 10s, same with GTAIV.

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