No firm link between violence and video games, Anstey says

An 8-year-old Louisiana boy shoots and kills his 87-year-old grandmother just minutes after playing the video game Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA). The game awards points to players for killing people, and has been claimed to encourage violence in real life.

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TheEnigma3132834d ago

Why do we keep discussing this like video games are the only culprit. What about music, movies, and books?

MegaRay2834d ago

Because your in a videogame site? I bet there are people who think movies and books are worse. However I dont see why you mention musics lol

pixelsword2834d ago

As Chris Rock basically said, what happed to them just being crazy?

Blacksand12834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Violence been around from the beginning when it was Cain and Abel. Everybody have a choice to do right, but choose to do wrong. Violence is already inside you when you born and no video games can change that.

fsfsxii2834d ago

Any1 with half a brain knows this. Wonder why they waste their budgets into such pointless researches.

monkeyfox2834d ago

"The game awards points to players for killing people"

um... no it doesn't.

Dead_Cell2834d ago

Maybe the parents should be asking themselves why they allowed their impressionable eight year old to play an eighteen rated game.

And then blamed for all of it. For ever.

Sidewinder-2834d ago

Sick of this Groundhog Day bs.

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