Shield 2 Powered by Tegra 5 Plays Pc Games – Outshines PS3 And Xbox 360

WCCF:Tegra 5 plays PC Games Fluently, More Powerful Than A PS3

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PeaSFor2093d ago

woah!!! congrats at beating 7-8years old techs!

nothing to see here, keep walking.

vishmarx2093d ago

itll outshine ps360 when it has a library of the calibre of tlou,gta v,uncharted ,gow,halo,bioshock etc.
until then .its just another piece of expensive hardware

Thehyph2093d ago

To be fair, if it can play PC games without needing optimization then it already has a bigger library than both of those consoles combined.

LordDhampire2093d ago

Yeah on paper it is stronger than the ps3 and 360, but whos going to spend time and millions to optimize games for it? no one, and I have seen plenty of current gen consoles my old 8800gtx wasn't capable of playing

JsonHenry2093d ago

I don't see this product succeeding and I don't want one.

But- the PC has many more games and more exclusives than both consoles combined. No it doesn't have awesome games like those Sony/MS exclusives you listed but it has several PC exclusives that are enjoyed by millions around the world.

Back on topic. Who really buys this thing? I'm an avid PC enthusiast and I just don't see the appeal. Granted I don't take public transit or anything so if I have free time chances are I am in front of my desktop gaming rig. But I really can't figure out who would want or use this. Maybe your kids?

TheRealTedCruz2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

This thing is going to be a handheld . . . and a powerful one. If so, this thing will outshine, in terms of performance, the Vita and any sort of tablet I am aware of and still be within the same price range.

PeaSFor2093d ago

but, will it blend? or play ps4 games in remote play?

sdozzo2093d ago

Problem is needing the graphics card. I would buy one but not another graphics card. AMD people are screwed.

Deividas2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Didnt they just release the first one?....and now if I buy Shield 2, I should worry about a shield 3 coming out soon huh? Ill stick with my tablet and streaming my PC games to that with a free program anywhere in the house.
still very nice to see such low power chip be able to pull that much power.

TheRealTedCruz2093d ago

This is true.
I was literally just deciding to grab a Shield come Black Friday, considering they had any decent deal on it, but now . . . I feel like I should wait.
Even then, will the successor to this one be out just as fast?
That said, it sort of feels, at least to me, that this is released to address the main concern with the hardware itself of the original . . . its overall power. With limited support for the streaming feature available, it, for the time being, needed to fall back on the games it can play natively. With the limited power of the original, it was much smarter for someone to just get a more powerful tablet.
With this one though, considering it is competitively priced and they make more of a push for streaming, the thing can really be a solid machine.

majiebeast2093d ago

They think they can follow the same business model as GFX cards and mobile phones even with the shield bombing they havent woken up yet.

ginsunuva2093d ago

No one confirmed Shield 2.

Idk where this article is getting info from.

UnHoly_One2093d ago

I really don't understand why anyone would want one of these.