Exclusive: Never Before Seen WipeOut HD Screenshots

Austrian website "" shows 23 exclusive Screenshots of WipeOut HD for the PS3.

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thereapersson3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Those screens look so crisp and sharp, I can't wait for this game to come out!!!!

edit: this is one of those games that deserves the custom soundtrack treatment. I can't wait to bump all my early to mid-nineties Moving Shadow drum and bass along with all the deep electronica tracks that I have amassed to the amazing 60fps blistering race action. w00t!

MURKERR3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

fed up of seeing wipeout screens day in day out?

ive seen so many wipeout screens i feel like ive played the game already

Fishy Fingers3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )


Images could of been attached to this page though.

MrSwede3830d ago

I agree, it's not that hard to upload at least a few of them...

thereapersson3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

However, they sure know what they are doing when it comes to downloadable games. I'm so glad they didn't impose a restriction on PSN downloads, because it simply allows for a more enriched experience. While XBL users are getting tons of HD remakes of games we have all played before, PSN users are getting the most new, original content.

Thankfully, those who own multiple consoles have the benefit of playing all the titles that are released on both networks. The impending releases of both IKARUGA and REZ HD are enough for me to get LIVE on my 360, however there are many more games that I am looking forward to that are coming out over the PSN; I think Wip3out HD is one of my top-wanted titles right now.

@ below: I meant besides wipeout HD. You know the majority of titles are games that most people haven't seen before in their forms. I think that the number of remakes on XBL outnumber the ones on PSN, though please feel free to correct me (in a non-attacking fanboy way) if I am wrong. Either way it doesn't matter because everyone gets great games to play!

yanikins1113831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

"HD remakes of games we have all played before"

Are you being sarcastic man? This sentence pretty much describes WOHD perfectly. Im pretty sure the track are not new, and the game play is going to be very similar to the original games.

That said I cant wait for this. WO is probably the best arcade racer ever made. Im gonna love this. Now all they need is a remake of roll cage. now THAT sh!t was crazy.

EDIT: Just look through the screen shots. Wow.

thereapersson3831d ago

A new rollcage title would be SICK!

Anyone agree with me who really misses Psygnosis Studios!

yanikins1113831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I miss them too.
Agree anyone that wants a new rollcage. 1080P at 60FPS.... i know wipeout and gt5P are great, but rollcage at these specs would make your eyes orgasm and your head implode.

Edit @ reaper:
Damn man... are you my twin or something? Wipeout, rollcage and G-Police would all be awesome remakes. Your bringing back lots of memories man. And what was it? Colony wars red sun? Damnit. Thinking about those games make current gen titles seem really dull.

thereapersson3831d ago

G-POLICE!!!! Just the other day I broke out my old PS1 library because I was feeling nostalgic, and the first G-Police was in there. I decided to pop it in, and despite the somewhat clunky flight mechanics and short draw distance, it still feels like a game that would hold relevance in today's story-driven game world.

Colony Wars needs a makeover as well! Oh damnit, too many great gaming memories of the 90's!

Shadow Flare3831d ago

Psygnosis were kings. They made some of my favourite games on psone. Wipeout, Colony Wars, Destruction Derby. G-Police was alright too. I wish they'd make a next-gen version of Colony Wars though

thereapersson3831d ago

All this talk about great classic games keeps the morale up.

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CaliGamer3831d ago

High Definition, 1080p for the win. Very cool.

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