Kids Say The Darndest Things To Get GTA4


"Grand Theft Auto IV will be released in just about a week. It's very likely taken over your very consciousness and the only reason that you still eat, sleep, and breathe is because you'd like to live just one more week.

But what about us kiddos that are under 17? Those of us that would have to hop on our bikes, see if the cashier forgets to ID us, complete the transaction, and then pedal like the devil was chasing us home?

What They Play and the MTV Multiplayer blog have spoken to several minors (anonymous and otherwise) who plan to get their hands on a copy Grand Theft Auto 4. Read on for some of their best schemes to beat the ESRB."

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thereapersson3829d ago

If this was about children who own 360's, trying to get their parents to buy this game for them, they would probably skip the temper tantrums and go straight for the stabby stabby. We all know how temperate and angry 360 gamers can get...

I kid, I kid!!! ;-)

yanikins1113829d ago

Im not sure that they remember how to laugh....

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13829d ago

...'Look Mommy!, Look what i found in the BIN'!!! ;-D

360 Revolution3829d ago

360 PWNS

best GTA IV experience on 360


Max Power3829d ago

RROD...sorry had to say it. i am sure that won't happen.

Robearboy3829d ago

I would say "look Jack Thompson is right all along so get me GTA4 or i will fu*$ing stab you and kill the dog" :)

Yi-Long3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

... as I will have done my job as a parents ever since they were born. I will have taught them right from wrong, fiction from reality, respect for oneself and others, morals and values, etc etc.

And if I notice my kids reacting 'bad' to certain entertainment, I WOULD take actions to keep that away from that... but TBH most kids can perfectly handle entertainment like this, cause that's what this is, entertainment.

fox023829d ago

that's just dumb Yi; hey guys, i'm Yi, i'll let my kids watch porn, and see how they react to it... the GTA series might be great, but i'll never let any of my kids (under 16-17) play the games,

Yi-Long3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

... since when is GTA4 even close to porn!?
(and so what if kids do see porn!? It's what people do. Just be open and honest about it, and about how people should deal with sex and relationships etc)

What's next? Comparing GTA4 to snuff-movies!? Get real, man.

It's a videogame. Many of us were already playing 'violent' videogames when we grew up, and watching R-rated movies, and most of us were perfectly fine.

It's about parenting, teaching your kids right from wrong, respect for others, etc etc. A game wont somehow ruin a good upbringing.

If I feel my kids are smart and mature enough at the age of 13-14 to play a game like GTA4, I will allow it. If I see them changing from it, I will step in and do my job as a parent.

Kids arent mindless idiots, and thus shouldnt be treated as such.

RecSpec3829d ago

If a parent is ok, there is no problem with it. If the parent has done a good job raising their kid, there should be no problems.

And did you just basically say that GTA=Porn?

ChefDejon3829d ago

and im getting this game

Skerj3829d ago

I'm telling. Psyche, you playing with us next week?

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