GTA IV to 'drive next-gen sales'

Grand Theft Auto IV is shaping up to be the biggest console release of the year when it hits the shelves next week, according to industry watchers.

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jkhan3832d ago

It will be biggest multiplatform game this year. No question about it. But biggest exclusive game will be MGS4;)

littletad3832d ago

That silly rumor of the game being "only" 9 hours long isn't true. None of that would even matter if Metal Gear Online was included with the game either.

Capt CHAOS3832d ago

MGS will do very well, but it's still possible for Gears of War 2 to outsell it because the install base is big and the first one did very, very well.

timmyrulz3832d ago

At last the ps3 gets a game to drive the sales, prior to this the only thing ps3 gamers were driving was miss daisy :)

Calcio3832d ago

I don't want to be derogatory, but does this article actually suggest anything new? The most anticipated game of the year will sell consoles.
Well duh...

jkhan3832d ago

Well I agree with you, the gaming press is going through a blank phase. They don't have much new info & they are either recycling the old info or they are just speculating.

Monchichi0253832d ago

I personally know like 8 friends who will be buying consoles for GTA IV. They're only casual gamers so it took GTA for them to finally give in. I think 6 are going with the 360 due to it's cheaper price while the other two will be picking up the PS3 due to brand loyalty.

But they can't go wrong with either or....GTA IV is gonna ROCK!!!

93313832d ago


"Interesting indeed, I myself - who is a big fan of the Xbox 360 - will be getting the PlayStation 3 version, as I've read and heard personally from people who have played the game already that this version is undoubtedly superior to the Xbox 360."

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