GWN: People prefer playing GTA IV on 360.

A new poll conducted by some of the top blogs in the AOL network found that many people would rather play Grand Theft Auto 4 on the Xbox 360 rather than the Playstation 3. Find out their reasons why!

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Hydrolex3829d ago

poor people that have no PS3 prefer to play it on Xbox 360

Rich people like me and my other homies prefer to play it on the PS3 and I also have both consoles :)

and these polls are all Fuked up

PS3 pre-orders are beating 360 pre-orders not just 2:1 but many and I read it somewhere in here.

Ahahah Bullsh!T

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13829d ago

GWN: Poor People prefer playing GTA IV on 360!!! ;-D

Jack Meahoffer3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I'm a PS3 fanboy so any poll against the PS3 is rigged. Suddenly the install base difference is 3:1??

Thought GTA IV would sell more on PS3 because "When you think GTA you think Playstation".


Admit it the DLC is going to make th 360 version sell more... Doesn't matter if its US or world wide. The PS3 is going to be owned when it comes to GTA IV. Especially with no home integration! And MSG4 couldn't even run a beta for two seconds its going to be a sales flop. Its own creater is disappointed in the game trash talking it.

Hear come the RROD jokes because thats ALL YOU GOT.

ruibing3829d ago

Another way to look at the data is to either say that people on the AOL network prefer the 360 or there are simply more 360s in the US.

And the worldwide numbers are way too biased in this "article":

"There have been 17.7 million more Xbox 360 units sold worldwide compared to the 9.5 million sold for Playstation 360."

They deflated 360 numbers by less than half a million, but PS3 numbers by almost 2 million.

RealTimeWeaponChange3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

actually, rich people have both consoles, and, notoriously, 99% of the people who own both consoles will buy it on 360, like all other cross plats.

get raped.

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gamesR4fun3829d ago

17.7 million more Xbox 360 units sold worldwide compared to the 9.5 million sold for Playstation 360. With over 8 million extra people owning an Xbox,

gaffyh3829d ago

You know GTA4 is getting so much news coverage and free advertising from MS and Sony. They don't even need to promote their own game lol.

Polls aren't real proof.

Delive3829d ago

I saw that too. The Playstation 360 part. That's a slip up.

Feihc Retsam3829d ago

Analyst predictions, and manufacturer sales targets aren't proof... But polls ARE proof.
Polls query the consumer. And if someone is willing to take the time to participate in a poll, they are obviously interested in the subject matter. That is one of the best way to get a feel for the market.
Why do you think polls play such a big part in political races?
The polls always reflect a near-perfect picture of what the outcome would be if the election were to be held that day.
Please, keep the unfounded ignorant comments to yourself, and go educate yourself.

madestar3829d ago

who here has an aol account??? i bet 90 percent of people here don't.. and who goes on aol polls???? lol must be losers like those who work in microsoft

JasonPC360PS3Wii3829d ago

Tell that to your government, every news outlet, and elected officials.

xg-ei8ht3829d ago

not sure about your numbers either.

ps3 has nearly sold 12million.

360 is 18.6million.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3829d ago

What drugs are you on? share some.

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prunchess3829d ago

"People prefer playing GTA IV on 360" and the game isn't even available to buy yet!!!! HA! HA! HA!

The stories, articles and headlines are starting to get hysterical!

shine13963829d ago

forget the console war, its now the Gta-love poll war. everybody who is anybody or even a nobody is conducting polls...

edit: @playstation and x360 pr people: get the f**k off the N4g, we hear you already...

seriously, its bodering madness with all these amateur polls, and game websites calling up retailers and asking how sales are going...jeez...

boodybandit3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

reminds me of something you would read in a tabloid. Manufactured garbage just to get hits.

Noodlecup3829d ago

that AOL is an American company most likely conducting this poll on American users, we all know the US is MS territory.

MURKERR3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

both consoles will have the game all gamers get to play it,and when mgs4 hits worlwide sales of ps3 should boost up like an like a man stuffing a chilli up his ass

shine13963829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

that's pretty stupid, Aol's a global company...its probably got customers in all the richest countries..
ps. I reckon only some parts of the actual article are true and other parts of it is complete bull. just some journalist taking a quick scrawl of the internet and wrote the article...because they conducted a huge poll on ps3 and x360 users and found more x360 users are going to choose to play GTA4 on x360, do you see the logical dilemma there?

Max Power3829d ago

i could have sworn AOL means America OnLine

kwicksandz3829d ago

In Australia AOL is an isp named AOL.

AOL is a global company and bloggers come from round the world not just america.

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felidae3829d ago

yeah, of course. that's why the ps3 version is selling much better than the 360 one.

littletad3829d ago

It's not even out yet. Or unless your referring to pre-sales, which has the 360 selling better here and the ps3 elsewhere.

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