Final Fantasy 15 May be Linked to Final Fantasy 13

IGN: "Square Enix has shed some light on what effect transforming Final Fantasy Versus XIII into Final Fantasy XV has had on the game."

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MightyNoX2829d ago

Not content on shoving Lightning down people's throats in XIII, XIII-2 and XIII-3, Toriyama had to go and give Lightning a canon appearance in FFXIV.

Welp, thank goodness that with FFXV we'll--- *looks at article* SONUVA---

Darrius Cole2829d ago

Now the only thing left is for them to announced that they want to make sure the FFXV is perfect so they are pushing it back and are going to release FFXIII-4: Lightning Won't Die...and She Won't Leave Either.

hay2827d ago

"They’re different stories and different projects. So while it’s the same character, her involvement is very different."

Because any FFXIII storyline and character was shit.

Square wanted to reuse assets with FFXIII, because of more cash-ins with lower dev cost. Nothing to do with completing the story. We might want to expect with FFXV, or XVI for that matter.
I wouldn't be surprised to see FFXVI being a trilogy sequel to FFXIII trilogy. Sounds bollocks enough to be Square.

badz1492828d ago

@Title WAS "vs13" up until E3 this year and it would be more surprising if it DOESN'T have any connection to 13!

Funnymonkey0132829d ago

I really hope XV doesn't involve in any way with the stupid 13 series cause I just want the 13 series to dye already and be forgotten as the worst piece of shit ever made in a final fantsy game.

Irishguy952829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Look, in FFXV's universe, Lightning, cocoon, all that **** doesn't exist. The lore does.

There will be L'cie of some sort(Noctis and Stella are Lcie) obviously Etro will be a Falcie. As Noct and Stella's powers are connected to the god of death, and they can see the light in the sky whenever someone dies. This is completely different to how FFXIII handled the lore. Either way there is not a chance we'll see anything from FFXIII in it, just the same names of gods and ****/

Toriyama explicitly states this and it has been stated time and time again. Look at God of War. Then...Clash of the titans. Same lore, Completely different stories.

Izumo, the story has not changed at all since Versus 13.

Read the article for a start, to all complainers. FFXIII is connected to Fabula Nova Crystallis.
FFXV is connected to Fabula Nova Crystallis.

The games not connected to each other. You take a starting point for a story, and then make your story from it. FNC has such low details that any story can be made out of it. The only connecting detail that is making FFXIII and XV alike is that the Main characters get their powers from a god. Or that the god was the original source of their power. There is also a 'focus' for l'cie however clearly the MC's don't have to follow this 'focus' unlike FFXIII's characters. As Noctis barely even knows it exists despite Stella believe there is a reason they have the power. In FFXIII l'cie turn into Cieth if they don't complete their focus. FFXV is nothing that.

Here is the starting point XV and XIII were created from: http://finalfantasy.wikia.c... There very first thing that shows up in the FFXV trailer was Fabula Nova crystallis

izumo_lee2829d ago

When the game was FFvs13 there was lore that was present in the FF13 games. Mainly the idea that a Goddess Etro existed. It was the same in FF Type 0 as well.

Whether the lore of the Goddess Etro is still present in FF15 remains to be seen.

[email protected]2829d ago

I swear if Lighting appear on FF15 I going to be REALLY piss... even Lighting references xD

Darrius Cole2829d ago

I just hope that in FFXIII-3 that they actually answer the frickin' answered questions from the original XIII.

wishingW3L2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

for example?

Godmars2902829d ago

What questions were in FF13?

What story was actually in FF13?

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