Is there Enough Room for Saints Row 2 and GTA IV?

Gamplayer has gone live with an in-depth preview of Saints Row 2 focusing specifically on the features it offers in competition to the impending release of GTA IV.

"Surprisingly, the answer is 'yes'. With the release of Grand Theft Auto IV imminent, it's clear that the paths taken by the two leading urban crime simulators are drifting farther and farther apart. GTA is going down a road of immersion through quasi-realism, whereas Saints Row is following the signs to video game extravagance – pure, unadulterated silliness."

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gamesR4fun3883d ago

I mean they did say they need more room even said they talked to ms bout it and that they had some ideas...
who knows we could be in fro 50 gig usb game dongles... Myself ill take b/r tho hd dvd woulda helped too bad they rushed it out without one... No hd standard tho was just dumb...

Still no way they'll loose the next st row even if its on 10 disks lol.

I Call 9MM3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Well, they released the 360 to early to put in any kind of HD disc format, either blue ray or HD-DVD, even if they really wanted to or cared. What they could have attempted to do would have been to release a proprietary red laser (ie DVD) format that pack a few more layers on the disc. If they could have even just fit one more layer I'm sure developers would have a lot more breathing room (~14 gigs with 3 layers, or ~19 gigs with 4 layers). You can't do it with a standard player since they wouldn't work in older players (for movies), but a new game console, who cares. Or, if they could have done what, for example, Sega did with their GD-ROM with the Dreamcast and packed more data into the same space, that could have been good. Might have also helped prevent copying games and piracy too.

50 gig USB dongles, that would be pricey. 32 gig dongles cost a fortune.

Oh, Saint's Row 2 will be great, wouldn't mind getting both. Need to stop by Freckle B1tch's for a burger soon.

Hydrolex3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

but comparing Saints Row to GTA IV is like comparing your moma to these ladies down there

SlappingOysters3883d ago

Like Prototype and Fallout and that Vegas game

no shortage

SlappingOysters3882d ago

I am intersted to hear from my disagreer


Yaster3883d ago

cant wait for the inevitable Saints Row P*sstake within GTA 4 ;)

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