Shuhei Yoshida Calls Rich Of ReviewTechUSA's Recent Video 'So Stupid' Twice

Shuhei Yoshida calls Rich Of ReviewTechUSA's recent video about the PS4 and Xbox One launch disaster 'So stupid'

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black0o1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

can someone post a link to that video .. thx

wall said Mr Yoshida

Septic1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

You'd be better off drinking 5 litres of bleach. That video is just ridiculous. asked for it:

black0o1820d ago

it's was the one from that article ..:S I couldn't keep wasting time on it and I'm amaze by the comments there ..

some ppl are believing this nonsense :O

cleft51820d ago

Good on Yoshida for saying it like it is. Overly dramatic, click based crap like this is why Sony or Microsoft doesn't include a lot of Youtube people in their press reviews for their console. Seriously, this is just so stupid.

Thehyph1820d ago

Maybe that guy figured it all out.

Maybe back when I had a 33.6 modem the games looked like crap because of my bad network connection!

Oh wait, nope. It's because it was 1997.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1820d ago

So according to this video online infrastructure affects the resolution of a game that you can potentially play the offline portion of...? Anyone else thinking his 'birds' is just another word for his ass?

Gamingcapacity1820d ago

If the update will disable DRM then all the data files will still be on the launch console for somebody to expose. If they planned DRM it will come out. I'd be surprised id anybody finds anything.

Also if they did plan DRM like MS, I thought that you could use the console without being online and without the update. Can somebody confirm/debunk this? If it can then we already have the answer to if the day one update disables DRM.

EXVirtual1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

You're telling me.
There are articles from February consisting of interviews from Mark Cerny and Shuhei Yoshida that the PS4 wouldn't include DRM. Why would Sony lie to the masses at E3, the biggest gaming event of the year? Yoshida even said that you don't need to connect to the internet to play the PS4 and you don't need a day one patch. Plus, the patch is only 300MB, much smaller than the update MS has (not hating on MS either, RTU is spreading BS all around).
If COD Ghosts is running at 720p because of network problems, then why are we getting KZSF as a launch title running at 1080[ native.
There's so much melodramatic FUD un that video, it's ridiculous.
Rich continuously spreads FUD and dumbass predictions. It's all hate with him. He even says mobiles will kill off consoles.
I'm glad Shuhei responded to this when he was asked, because otherwise, even more people would believe that stupid video.
Then he's like
'All companies care about is money' At the beginning of the video: 'This video was brought to you by Gamersgate.'

Xsilver1820d ago

So this idiot just said that the COD will be gimped to 720p on PS4/Xone because of online WTF -__- what am i watching and sad thing is he said these are from his reliable sources faceplam with a baseball bat
I'm done


While the video gets a little far fetched, you have to admit that their is definitely something weird going on with these consoles.

Hatsune-Miku1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Definitely something weird with consoles we dont have yet so we should believe any negatives from anyone on the Internet. The video is full of pure stupidity that doesnt make sense. There are too many things to discredit so just discredit everything

e-beggar e-beggar

I can't wait for ps4 on day one.

BuLLDoG9091820d ago

funny thing is, shu responding is giving that vid thousands of hits it wouldnt of got.

the vid is clearly trying to cash in for the hits, and the guys source is his own asshole.

n4rc1820d ago

Anyone can make up an anonymous source....

You'd think every single hardware maker and game developer had employees willing to risk their jobs to provide some idiot youtubber or forum troll inside info with nothing to gain

DragonKnight1820d ago

I called bullsh*t on that video the second I heard him say Microsoft's network wasn't ready. I'm no MS fan as all of you know, but Microsoft would sooner be caught dead than have their most important not be ready for launch. MS put everything they have into Live, there is absolutely no way they'd EVER let it falter with so much riding on it.

Then the icing on the cake was when Rich tried to say that Sony's patch is to disable DRM, something they've said since BEFORE the MS blowout that they didn't have.

Absolute utter nonsense.

NukaCola1820d ago

How does the internet affect the graphics of a single player campaign? Rhis all seem really stupid.

jujubee881820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Damn it Rich! Have quality control over your content!

Actually, he was starting to be one of my fav yt personalities. This video is just an appeal to emotion.. why do you have "please share" in the title of your video rich? You have never done that to your vid titles before. (To my knowledge)

This is troubling and I worry about the person behind the content. I hope he's not thinking of going into siding with fanboy mentality (bc a lot of his stuff talks about eliminating illogical biases when it comes to gaming).....

edit: I hope he takes down the video and uploads and updated one just to save himself from any further embarrassment.

UltimateMaster1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

He's generally a good guy.
But he got force fed false misleading information that got him in this mess.

He made a great reviews of the 2DS and the Vita.
and I would agree with everything he said in those videos.

This video he just made just came out of nowhere.

We already knew you had to keep the PS3 Disc for the PS4 to work the game. It was on their blog.
It would have been too easy, you would've have just rented the game then purchase the PS4 version for 10$ + 4$ (rental).

It certainly gave him some publicity in some regards.
Not good publicity, but more people got to notice him.

I'm guessing these "so-called sources" did not wanted to post that information on their Youtube Channel because they would've gotten the heat that Rich just got.
And I bet they never will post that information because they won't want to "damage" their own reputation.
Poor Rich got used as a scape-goat.

Deadpoolio1820d ago

Holy crap that's the dumbest video I've ever watched...Good god someone on youtube obviously wanted some attention....He does realize that the "update" is 300mb right. Just like the standard day one enabling MP like every game on the planet

finbars751820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I agree with you on on that one,the problem is I didnt have any bleach so my curiousity got the better of me and my god my ears where bleeding after listneing to him spew on and on about"well thats what I heard" every second.Its almost like he likes to listen to himself talk over and over like a broken record.Unfortunatley his information sounds as credible as a 10 year old watching sesame street and thinking Oscar the grouch is real.I dont think we have anything to worry about other then a few little kinks you get at any launch of any game or console.

iamnsuperman1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I actually cannot believe what I just watched. It is lunacy from both Xbox One and PS4 negative news

What makes things even more stupid is the author of the video is deleting comments point out the stupidity (stay classy rich)

Veneno1820d ago

His source is HipHop Gamer.

Mister_G1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Killzone Shadowfall, 1080p @ 60fps in multiplayer. Just saying :)

Muerte24941820d ago


COD:GHOST is native 1080p/60fps for both multiplayer and single player on PS4. Xbox One single player is 1080/30fps and multiplayer 720p/60fps. Jeremy Conrad via neogaf.

mistertwoturbo1820d ago

I just drank 5 litres of bleach and feel great.

After I watched that video, I puked all the bleach out.

johndoe112111820d ago

I gotta hand it to rich, He's done something that I never dreamed was possible. He got both ps4 and xbox fans to come together in a post on n4g and unite in agreeing with each other on one thing, he's a moron.

come_bom1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

If the video is true or not, i don't know... but did anybody really expect Shuhei Yoshida to confirm that the video was true?

There is one thing about the video that's true... No corporation (Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo) give a sh*t about the users... what they want is positive PR and make the most money they can. Who believes otherwise is very naive.

FamilyGuy1819d ago

This is probably the third video I've ever watched from that rich guy and I've had disdain for all of them. This one was by far the worst though.

At the February reveal, or immediately after it, Sony officials were asked about DRM and from the very start they said "It'll work the same way it works today", "It's up to the devs/publishers if they want to add it with things similar to the online pass".

Even if Sony did have DRM they definitely weren't "reacting to MS getting negative feedback about it". They said "No" well before the X1 was ever announced. On top of that we "don't have to download the day 1 patch to play our games". PS4 games will work without ever connecting to the internet.

The other thing that annoys me is that he keeps claiming the PS4 would've been "$499" with the camera bundled. That makes no sense whatsoever as the camera and PS4 together only add up to $460. In all scenarios the PS4 would have been less expensive while superior in technology.

The whole resolution relating to online structure and online network "being in shambles" is plain ridiculous all on its own. Killzone SF is 1080p 60fps online, yet "DriveClub, The Crew and Watch_Dogs were delayed because of a poor online network"?
Worst of all he's saying everything in a matter-of-fact tone.

Yosh: "So stupid"

Yeah, I agree.

LonDonE1819d ago

NO its because the video is STUPID and RETARDED! how can resolution of a game or graphics have anything to do with network infrastructure? the guy made so many dumb comments in the video and totally killed his credibility and he just regurgitated what he read online without any research and now must pay the price! he doesn't have any sources, he talking nonsense and is a total laughing stock now! he is a supposed core gamer, who games on pc and consoles like me and most core gamers, and yet fails to understand fundamental basic things about how games and games consoles work!

Seriously how on earth does making the game in 720p effect the network? the graphics are rendered locally in the console gpu and are not rendered in a cloud farm and then sent to the ps4, so how on earth can network problems determine resolution? even ,my wife know better and laughed when she heard the video! he makes outlandish claims with no facts to back it up!

Even if Sony has drm in place like xbox1, the fact is they removed it before anyone was any wiser adter seeing the shit storm by gamers, but Microsoft still tried to pull it off, which i repeat would have made gaming worse off for us the consumers! its because Sony didn't follow m$ that forced Microsoft to do a 180! the pre order numbers spoke volumes! this is fact, so irrelevant of Sony alleged drm the fact is they didnt go through with it, while xbox tried to force it on us just like kinnect! and only changed policy after PS4 was handing their ass to them!

I own and Game on all platforms, but after having a total of 7 xbox 360s red ring on me, and now this drm kinnect crap, i just cannot support a company as greedy as Microsoft and so for the first time i will not be buying all platforms at launch, and instead will make do with my wii u, gaming pc, and ps4! I love nintendo but lately some of the decisions they have made have realy ticked me off, i still support them because i love them, but one thing i can say in my opinion is that Sony has always put the core gamers first, and its why i love them and support them also!

Seriously you guys can thumb whore me down all you want,but i keep it real, its my opinion, and as adults we are allowed to differ in them! next thing i know some loser will most likely comment on my grammar because he has nothing of any value to say, who cares this is the internet! i speed type, and so make mistakes, as long as the reader gets the point of it, its fine!

guitarded771819d ago

It reminds me of some Alex Jones conspiracy theories.

Eonjay1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

He is wrong. Xbox's online isn't in shambles and a bad network connection WOULD NOT cause a game to run in 720P. Also, DRM would not cause network issues. Also, Sony announced that no on physical media months before the reveal.

Plus we ALREADY KNOW that Ghost is 1080p on PS4 so, his "sources" are late and wrong.

Ju1819d ago

This guys just committed publicity suicide. Total BS. Couldn't even finish the video. While I had the feeling he almost started off with something he totally lost it on the way. This is so ridiculous. Not even funny.

ThanatosDMC1819d ago

I stopped watching after i got bored with his tone of voice and how much he talked BS. Sucks i gave his video a hit.

Docknoss1819d ago

Saying "so stupid" as a response is "so stupid"! With news like this coming to light some PR would be nice. Playing it off like nothing tells me Sony is hiding something. Especially with gametrailers and Adam Sessler up in arms over something Sony isn't telling us. Something is up

TheFutureIsBlue1819d ago

This guy could have been remembered for making Youtube videos, but instead he will be remembered for this. Shu has spoken!

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Abriael1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

The video is so overdramatic and overacted that it's obviously a visibility grab, with no credibility whatsoever.

static52451820d ago

Day one patch shut off DRM even though Sony said that you can play your game fine without the patch. So whats the point of DRM? Sony sucks at DRM.

Sony waited to see the response of X1 DRM policies? Well they didn't need to wait long. The first hint of DRM people were going to burn MS to the ground. Sony had plenty of time to remove it before the final stages of the PS4

Serg1820d ago


Sony said there is no online only and 24h check in February, at the reveal event... 3 months before we even knew what MS was up to. There were several interviews with a couple of Sony officials all responding with "no" when asked about DRM.

All your pointless post is saying is, that you are on the same level as the jackass who made the video.

sobekflakmonkey1819d ago


you don't need to download the patch for the PS4, when you buy the console you can plug all your stuff in and turn it on put a game in and start playing, you don't need the update whatsoever to play no....clearly there was never DRM...I think guys like Adam Sessler are upset over something completely different and it has to do with them being able to record video for reviewing games, there seems to be an issue with that right now, either that, or only a select group of gaming journalists are being aloud into this Sony Preview event, naturally people are gonna be pissed because it gives every other journalist an edge over them making it harder for them to attain readers intern messing with their lively hood, but thats about it, and GT seems to be nothing but excited about the PS, teasing stuff for the VGA's it seems.

ChrisW1819d ago

The DRM thing was rumored back when the PS4 was first debuted, but then they tried their damnest to rebute it.

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nukeitall1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I think it is this one:

Why is Yoshida responding to what is obviously just trying to make fun?

It's beneath you Yoshida, or did you just lower yourself to it?

Thought 1080p on CoD:Ghost on Wii U was pretty funny!

r211820d ago

If the dude thought it was stupid, let it be. Its his personal twitter account :L

DragonKnight1820d ago

Yoshida is responding because someone asked him to. He's responding to the individual, not the video.

And the fact that you think the video is "just trying to make fun" is absolutely stupid. You may be an MS fanboy, but I know you're not THAT dense.

Hicken1819d ago

"You may be an MS fanboy, but I know you're not THAT dense."

You have more faith in him than I do, then.

Ju1819d ago

Can't be much wrong in calling that thing stupid. No matter who's saying it.

solidjun51819d ago

"You may be an MS fanboy, but I know you're not THAT dense."

May?!?! Nukeitall probably has a tattoo of their logo on the lower part of his/her back.

ThanatosDMC1819d ago

LOL!!! Bubbles for you solidjun5!

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Abriael1820d ago

The funniest part is that the guy claims that COD: Ghosts is 720p because of networking problems.

That shows how "credible" his sources are. Graphics have absolutely NOTHING to do with network. The game isn't livestreamed via gaikai, all graphical assets reside locally on your hard disk.

Complete bogus.

Prime1571820d ago

Yeah,I heard this and went, "omg, idiots are going to believe this guy"

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1820d ago


That aside, you're still correct.

black0o1820d ago

^^ u need to understand what the res built on

davekaos1820d ago

I cant believe that he actually replied to me after calling the guy who made the video a clown

DragonKnight1820d ago

DUDE!! Shu replied to me with a troll pic! He's such a BOSS!

Xsilver1820d ago

That amount of stupidity should be contained i swear that was the dumbest vid I've ever seen it created its own category.

Cha0tik1820d ago

Not trying to sound like a fanboy but I don't think that this is true. If it is then wouldn't someone just have to not update the PS4 and do some "hacking" to find the truth within the code? They wouldn't make it easy to find the truth. I honestly believe that the first day patch is to keep unauthorized reviewers from posting early PS4 content with all the features before launch. I may be wrong but till they are really exposed with sources it's hard to believe.

bleedsoe9mm1819d ago

if sony is having network issues because they had drm and lied about it , THIS IS EARTH SHATTERING NEWS

Bobby Kotex1819d ago

That reviewtech guy is one of the most annoying people on youtube. And that's saying a lot.

MuhammadJA1819d ago

of course he'll say it's stupid. it was against sony and the ps4. that guy did mention some valid points. also, the removal of this article is proof:

kenshiro1001819d ago

The sheer amount of idiocy in this is astounding.

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aviator1891820d ago

Yoshida, calling it like it is.
Glad he put that disaster-scenario crap into its place.

Thisisjuju1820d ago

I know, right. Just hope this asshat doesn't get more hits because of Shu.

According to his logic. "My laptop graphics suck, better upgrade my internet connection!"

What a mong.

NarooN1819d ago

This Rich guy has accomplished two incredible things:

1) Screwed up bad enough to have Mr. Yoshida HIMSELF call his video out as being utter nonsense.

2) Somehow found a way to have Sony and Microsoft fans BAND TOGETHER to agree on how his video is utter nonsense.

This is a landmark day.

HyperBear1820d ago

I can't believe Rich would actually be that naïve to think all those negative points about the Xbox One and PS4 would be credible enough from his "I can't say their name" sources to make a video about it and almost believe in everything he said was true.

Thank god I unsubscribed from his channel...