Haze multiplayer; new screens and info

PS3 Attitude writes "You may remember we were invited up to London to get a sneak preview of both co-op mode in Haze and the multiplayer game modes.

We were sworn to secrecy about the game modes - until now that is."

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SUP3R3883d ago

I really cannot wait to play this game.
Just looks better and better everytime I see more of it.

leon763883d ago

Wow this game looks really amazing!!!!!!!

chanto233883d ago

Those screens look tooooo good to be true. They have to be "touched up". The reason i say this is because every preview i've read says the graphics are average, but then i see screenshots like this, it makes no sense

miked8083883d ago

Yeah the furthermost background is just as in focus and clear as everything up close. Doesn't seem right.

Close_Second3883d ago

However, they need to start drumming up some hype for this game as lets face it, GTAIV is totally making this game a non-purchase for me.

HAZE needed to come out last year before COD4 to get any sort of momentum. Releasing it now with "last year graphics" means it will probably do sales on par with Turok. Not all that great when you consider how long this game has been in development.

Rich16313883d ago

Reminds my of Bullet Marsh in "Gears of War". I dig atmospheric and dreary levels.

TruthBTold3883d ago

PLaying in a swamp should be different to other maps you usually get to play in a multiplayer map. Did anyone see the video? HOnestly I do believe these extra time they took with the game was worth it or is looking like it was worth it. I am actually starting to look forward to this game again, give us some more on it, perhaps a demo would be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.