A Bit Bugged About Lack of QA Respect

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Quality assurance is exceedingly important in the development of a game. So why are QA staff generally treated like the red-headed stepchildren of the development process? Developer columnist James Portnow offers his thoughts...

This week I asked people from companies large and small to tell me how QA works at their company. Almost universally I received the same answer. The majority of the QA staff are temp employees hired with very little screening. The reasoning behind this goes some like this:

• QA is only useful during a specific part of the development cycle. Any other time they'd be dead weight.
• Their job is effectively unskilled but labor intensive.
• They are primarily charged with bug hunting.

This means that QA rarely builds a rapport with the dev teams they work with and that the best QA people are let go with the worst. This may not always be the best policy. Over the course of this article I will try and summarize a lot of the thinking I heard on another possible strategy as well as add some thoughts of my own."

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