Edge Interview: A Haze of Glory

Edge writes: "Free Radical and Ubisoft gear up for the release of Haze, we discover the vagaries of life at the sharp end.

Haze seems like it's been a long time coming, after a series of short delays, but it will finally see release in May. At a recent Ubisoft event we played a near-complete build and spoke to the project's creative director, Derek Littlewood, about the practical side of finishing and launching a high-profile title.

Q: What have the delays let you do with Haze?

A: The thing about the delay is it's given us the opportunity to deliver the game we wanted to. People have asked what new stuff we've added because of it, but we haven't added much of that at all: it's just allowed us to properly refine the large feature-set we already had, and polish the hell out of it. In that time the game that Haze is hasn't changed, we've just been able to deliver it to the standard we wanted to originally."

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Stop crying about delays.