More Halo 3 details sneak out

With a number of magazines having had the pleasure of a visit to Bungie head-quarters and see Halo 3, it was always likely that details from their respective trips would leak out.

And with print embargoes dwindling, these mags are publishing their finding quicker than Needler peppers foes.

Following the Swedish mag LEVEL publishing the first shots and details of Halo 3, OXM French sister mag OXM 360 - Le Magazine Officiel, is next out of the blocks. Whilst the screens are same, there are a few new pieces of info with regard to the much anticipated multiplayer aspects of the game. Firstly, Bungie have confirmed that Halo 3 will again support just 16 players simultaneously as the maximum headcount in reliant gametypes, not 24 or over as it had been previously rumoured. But there is better news on the multiplayer mode front, with at least 3 new gametypes to keep you busy.

NinjaBall will have teams competing to keep ownership of the ball at any cost, with a hint of sinister shadowplay key if the 'Ninja' in the title is to be taken literally. Elimination will see teams going all out for the kill, with what sounds like a counter-strike style of play and no re-spawns once you are 'eliminated'. Finally there is the self explanatory TankFlag in which a heavily armoured vehicle will be able to transport an opponents flapping bounty back to the their own base whilst the other team does their damnedest to smash it into Spartan littered pieces!

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FirstknighT4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

So its finally settled...atleast if the source is credible...18 players max...Now again...I think the option to have more would be nice for simple mindless killing...but the real draw in Halo is the intense 4v4 and 8v8. The 2 top gaming leagues in the world: MLG (Major League Gaming) only uses 4v4 rules for Halo cuz its better for tactics....CAL (Cyberathlete Amatuer League) only uses 5v5 for Counterstrike tournaments. You raraely ever see 20v20 tournaments cuz there is lil tactics and more of a fragfrest. 40 players just encourages camping....get the sniper, camp, and kill...easy...boring...Fragfes ts are fine for mindless noobs that just like to run around and kill...but I prefer a more tactical 4v4.
The option would be nice...but the real Halo Hardcore prefer just how it is!!! And 4 Billion games played proves it.

beans4461d ago

I agree with you 100% and hope other developers look at what Bungies doing, and for once try and out do Halo multiplayer! Huxley sounds fun and so does RFOM but with all those players I just can't see any true teamplay going on! Halo 3 is my most anticipated game alongside Alan Wake, Too Human, Marvel online, and Mass effect but as far as shooters go I wonder what game will ever dethrone it!

PS360PCROCKS4461d ago

Totally their was people frickin everywhere in RFOM videos theirs no tactic in that, because no matter where you go theirs goin to be someone waiting, it's just too many people to really be able to have skills to kill people, it will be more luck. Oh and Man cannon, lol I like that, how funny lol

Waffle-boy4461d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. We play Halo 2 alot on System Link here, and we are most often 6 people playing and it gets very intense and fun. One time, we were about 12 people, and that didnt help at all, really. We were just too many people, and it didnt get very tactical, at least not as tactical as when we are 6.
Im glad.

And besides, 32 players would lag alot more.