Phil Spencer on OS & XBL issue: "We are playing SP & MP nightly. Anyone can post 'stuff' to the web"

Xbox One launch is shaping up to be a disaster soon as rumors of the OS being broken and Xbox Live stability issues are appearing all over the internet. Microsoft's Phil Spencer denies these claims.

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Muerte24943007d ago

he's going to deny it. Just like he denied the esRAM issues that were being had. With less than 3 weeks to go until PS4 launch, let's hope CBOAT keeps quiet until then.

theBAWSE3007d ago

Microsoft oh Microsoft...

after your DRM bullshit and the obvious lies over COD resolution... I believe nothing that comes out that company.. I'm sorry just being honest... see ms it's not so hard!!

BitbyDeath3007d ago

The full tweet turned into a disaster.
Phil bailed with his tail between his legs.

PoSTedUP3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

well, thats one way to not answer a question. would have much rather preferred "there is no problems with the X1 OS" or "thoes rumors are false", anything other than mentioning something unrelated and a indirect response to the actual proposed issue. i hope they eventually bring closure to this, everything including their behavior points to it being true, as well as the resolution issues.

his response is like me asking a NASCAR driver: 'are rumors true that are saying the interior of your car looks like crap and nothing is working properly?' driver: "well im driving it nightly, people can say whatever they want". cool, thanks for answering my question...

theBAWSE3007d ago

@bitbydeath... dude THANK YOU for that link

I've never laughed so hard.. Phil bailed when questioned about the actual os... especially when the dude said if anyone tried to get into the os at the demo kiosk they were booted off the machines..

oh man this has to be the worst unveiling, launch and PR of any console ever..

PoSTedUP3007d ago

the smartest thing for them to say is "the X1's OS will be ready at launch". not clearing up such a bad rumor only makes it worse. the truth hurts, but not as much as avoiding it or being caught in a lie.

abc12333007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

@bitbydeath: wow, talk about getting owned.

BBBirdistheWord3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

@ bitbydeath

sorry, I am not seeing how Phil bailed with his tail between his legs.

Is that some special Sony fanboy talent that you have that is required before I can see it?

Looking forward to the launch of PS4 and XBO.

At least in practice we will see which platform innovates, which has the most fun games and which platform is prone to overheating and overhating.

This is only a precursor.
let the real games begin....

Insomnia_843007d ago

Holy effin sht!!!!! Seriously MS should just delay the thing if all this is true! They will do more harm by releasing with such problems that will lead to more bigger problems! They learned nothing from the RROD disaster!

abzdine3007d ago

if i was one of the early owners i would wait just a week before buying it just to get the first return from early pigeons.

badz1493007d ago

"playing SP & MP nightly"

yeah? after this:

I always take what this guy says as PR talk and not much of anything else!

Death3007d ago

Didn't we already see the OS running? I mean seriously, the sky is falling every damn night here.

Shake_Zula3007d ago

@Death: The video you posted shows the UI and a game playing offline. Don't you ind that kind of odd considering the console was touted as an always on machine? The issue isn't when you try to play games or getting to the UI; it's network connectivity as it relates to VOIP and OS-related online features. Basically in a nutshell, XBL isn't playing nice with X1. It's ironic really that the reasons that PS3 users sort of had to shut up when talking about online features now applies to the X1.

JokesOnYou3007d ago

Yep anybody can write on the internet if anybodys behind its sony heres why:

Only 1 high profile launch game and its a shooter running on an old engine offers nothing next gen, graphics upgrade cannot run 1080p 60fps whole game and its sonys flagship game WITHOUT DEDICATED SERVERS vs a open world tons of zombies on screen no loading, no streaming, plus a hack n slash @900p with the best next gen graphics and by far the best cinematics in any game launching. 

Then we have Driveclub delay but Forza5 looks better and as a sim has more going in regards to tech performance all at 1080p 60fps. 

Then we have seen far more about the X1's hardware details with hot chips conferences and other panels talking about the custom design architecture and UI than ps4's? sony lack of details on hardware suggests it off the shelf since they've been pretty hush to say otherwise, sure wasn't hush about the cell/bluray last gen launch. 

Then we have seen COD Ghost and BF4 both already running on X1 looking no different than ps4 versions. 

Then we've seen X1 at more events not 1 cancellation unlike sony and X1 is in more stores with gamers having hands on while sony has ps4 showcased in controlled sony stores. 

All this while having the more robust console that not only is launching standard with a high tech camera but also introducing next gen ideas like cloud computing and is leading with dedicated servers available to all games/Azure. 

Now its 2 weeks before ps4 launch micro is still showing more, engaging with the public while we hear of sony not getting ps4 in journos hands setting review restrictions, and just running the same Taco Bell ads a few others but where are the uncontrolled hands on demos of the KZ SF and the system UI at this point?...releasing earlier we should see alot more from sony but we don't. 

Only hit for micro is bad PR the system itself has proven over and over again rumors were wrong about die issues, downclocking, fcc certification, no demos, delays, supply and code issues. This latest OS crap will also be next BS rumor proven wrong. 

^^^^Its sony who looks far less ready than micro for next gen.^^^^

BBBirdistheWord3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )


The more i look past the fanboys and the paid journalists, the more I am seeing Sony on the backfoot.

Is that wrong?
Will I lose bubbles for this?

malokevi3007d ago

Once again, N4G gobbling up anonymous info as if it were word of god. Seems to be happening all too often lately...

BattleTorn3007d ago

Geez people make shit up like crazy

Xbox One kiosk don't "kick you off" for trying to access the OS.

The guy has to a full of sh1t fanboy to make things like that up,

I tried. And yeah, the Dev kits don't have much OS on them. You cant go to try to login, cause they don't allow that.

But that's because the demo kits literally don't have te full OS.

Biggest3007d ago

Phil Spencer was asked about the OS and his response was:

There are a ton of videos of games running. The Ryse vidoc from last week... We have SUVs driving around with playables etc.

To which you, BattleTorn, reply that the SUV demo kits don't have the OS. What are you defending here? You can't be defending Phil Spencer. He said that the OS is viewable at the SUV demos. You say that the SUV demos don't have the OS. The question still remains. Where is the OS?

jut4203007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

@ that youtube OS video

that video doesn't actually show anything in the OS working only the ability to boot a game and back out to the Dashboard. The problem with the OS is all the apps aren't functional which is probably what he was talking about when he said it was buggy. Good way to dance around the question while making it sound things are ok by Spencer.

I'm sure they are playing SP and MP lightly but that's probably all their able to do instead of having features with the OS working with the game.

P0werVR3007d ago

Wow, even with the tour, showing of architecture designs, UI and gameplay. People are still trying to so hard when it's so close to bring this down.


Microsoft hasn't DELAYED ANYTHING!! What does that tell you?! Very desperate here folks.

"Sony's Adam Boyes"....nuff said, or ANYTHING from NeoGaf.

hakeem09963007d ago

I get a headache everytime i hear about an OS issue bullshit Both PS4 and XboxONe are running right now on old codes .There's a reason why they both will have day one patches and why your console should always have an online source . MS changes and updates his UI on the regular while Sony patches theirs box almost every's nothing new and not news worthy .if you have an old gen console you should be use to these things . Freeezes,reboots and resets won't go away because you changed your consoles .

UnholyLight3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

This comment on the article:

The Sony Droid army is just pulling out all the stops now. I guess its less than a month away when every one lifts up the Ps4 skirt and realize its not carved fro gods toe nail. You know its only launching with 2 major exclusive games made for it.

Now all of a sudden XBL doesnt work,come on. To top it of we have a major figure from MS saying there is no issues. In the real world i will be going with the word of a officer of the company.

In the Sony Circle Jerk they listen to any random village idiot as long as his comment is negative of the X1. And they treated like prophets as they all gather around in the sony circle jerk and handle each other.

Funny thing you got some clown on Twiiter trying to heckle the a high up official then he clowns him. Ryse looks so good they just can believe it is running on real consoles.

-Get real people, I'm getting the PS4 but come on, this is pretty sad. If the "PS4 is really so much better and will outsell the Xbox One by such a large margin" then why are all of these RUMOURS coming out of nowhere.

Use your brains people

Destrania3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Ahh @Jokes, once again making up false information and giving 'jokingly' horrible completely off-base opinions on games. You make me lol so hard. Keep the blindfold on and the ear buds in sir, it seems to be the only way you know how to exist. Literally the entire comment you posted above shows you clearly have no brain. The statement 'yep anybody can write on the internet' is oh so very true.

Death3007d ago

Microsoft bans consoles for accessing games early. You don't think they would notice XBox Ones hit the online service that aren't registered for online use? I'm not sure how much I can disclose, but Microsoft does not allow early access to Live on any console unless it's pre-authorized.

I guess the best way to respond is no, I don't think it's odd we haven't seen footage of Xbox Ones on Live. The consoles online to this point are under heavy NDA. What we have seen in the vids to this point are children of people under NDA that are getting in a lot of trouble.

ZodTheRipper3007d ago

Am I the only one who wants to punch this guy for no reason?

Ritsujun3007d ago

More Xbone180's are coming.

Docknoss3007d ago

Wait rumor is that both PSN and XBL our in need of work, fair and balanced news God Damb it!

ThanatosDMC3007d ago

I wish his background was less white or at least the font color was darker. It was hard to read on my monitor.

UltimateMaster3007d ago

For the love of god.
We don't know anything.
One person says stuff on the internet doesn't make it true and I would tend to agree.
Let's all calm down, sit back, wait until the consoles comes out and then have our toughs on it.

pixelsword3006d ago

isn't this a duplicate story, which had a part of this in another story?

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Magicite3007d ago

Cant stand this guys face. Always so full of self.

mikeboccher3007d ago

lmao so true. always has that smug ass look on his face.

vigilante_man3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

He has a face only a mother could like..

Back on topic:

# PS4 will have problems at launch and first 6 months.
# XB1 will have more problems at launch and next 6 months.
# XB1 was rushed out and was due for 2014 release originally.
# Games will look way better on XB1/PS4 than 360/PS3.
# PS4 is stronger graphically.

The list could go on and on but lets hope we all have a great time with our next gen consoles this Christmas holiday season. We are paying enough for them!

DoubleM703007d ago

Dude you don't know that man personally. You sound crazy saying stuff like that.

UnholyLight3007d ago

I don't see how confidence in speaking and presenting (something that is a cornerstone of Business and Presenting) comes across as full of himself?

Good to see a guy that believes in the product he is paid to promote.

3007d ago
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DiRtY3007d ago

LoL do you guys still believe in CBoat?

Here are Cboats latest "leaks":

Prior GamesCom / TGS:

- PS4 will launch in late October FALSE
- Xbox One SKU without Kinect in March / April 2014 MAYBE
- Exclusive Xbox One title made by Platinum Games to be shown NOT YET / FALSE
- Microsoft will talk about DRM at GamesCom. There will never be a "rental" strategy. FALSE
- DRM plans are actually worse than what they've [MS] stated. FALSE

Prior E3:

- Mirror's Edge 2 at MS conference. FALSE
- Prince of Persia (reboot?) at MS conference. FALSE
- Dead Rising 3, and exclusive DLC for another Capcom game at MS conference. 1st half RIGHT, 2nd half wrong
- No online paywall for PS4. Unconfirmed. FALSE
- No DRM info for PS4. FALSE

Somewhere in between:

- Xbox One will see a downclocking FALSE

Kayant3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

- "No online paywall for PS4. Unconfirmed. FALSE" Obvousily that's false that said he didn't know anything about online paywall.

- "No DRM info for PS4. FALSE" - There was that #DRM campaign which made Sony decide to highlight DRM stuff in the E3 conference. There's also the fact like above he is just stating that he has no info about DRM on PS4.

These are things he has got right/partially right so far.

Muerte24943007d ago

His words have a lot more weight to them than your do. Okay now go back and list everything he's gotten right. People still don't understand how Neogaf works. If the wrong so much, he'd be banned already. #TruthFacts

lifeisgamesok3007d ago

@Dirty thanks lol CBOAT is a fraud and works for Sony

abc12333007d ago

The trouble with rumours is that if it turns out to not be true, you don't know if it was true at the time but later changed, the announcement has been pushed back, or if it was false altogether.

BBBirdistheWord3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

@ dirty

That's great, thank you.
CBOAT has been lauded as an unassaillable prodigy of truth on the neogaf (Sonygaf?) phenomenon.

In truth, he gets it right about 50% of the time which is the same as VG chartz and Pachter and many other 'reputable' sources.

It reminds me of the old saying 'even a broken clock gets it right twice a day'.

In fact he gets it right about as much as tossing a coin for heads or tails.

With odds like these he should be a stock broker...

It's disturbing how many users on neogaf (sonygaf?) and n4g proudly proclaim his successful predictions, while completely disregarding his concurrent failure predictions.

This is a feature of modern economic and financial behavioural theory:

This website truly is a wonderful study!

XabiDaChosenOne3007d ago

Off of your list and Kayants, Cboat has been correct 18 times vs the 11 times he was wrong according to your list.Thats a 62% average meaning he is getting most of his predictions right. Now if we look a little deeper into your list its easy to tell you are taking predictions out of context.

For example your fourth one under the Prior GamesCom/TGS column stating quote:
- Microsoft will talk about DRM at GamesCom. There will never be a "rental" strategy. FALSE
Ignoring that Microsoft ditched DRM plans after the huge consumer backlash.
Your fifth claim under that column is also fishy since you don't go into detail of how that was wrong.
As for your Prior E3 column there is even more half truths like this one.
- No DRM info for PS4. FALSE
This implies that there was no info for Drm for the PS4 when in fact that original post from Cboat states : ^_^ sonty rapped up tighterrea than Virgin mosquito when on drm istuf. Frustartin!g myinfogloves!
Translation: He could not get any info on the PS4 DRM info no that there wasn't any
Dishonesty will not change reality, remember that.

BBBirdistheWord3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

@ kobe

Just saying.
Blind faith in gurus can lead to ruin.

Witness Bernie Maddoff's Ponzie scheme which showed +64% success rate.

Not saying you are outright wrong.
Just saying you are not outright right.
Think about that.

Perhaps you could compile a list of all CBOAT's precictions on 1-2 year's time and we can then use his confirmed track record in analysis of future industry predictions.

At present, CBOAT's stats are none too good, for a self proclaimed insider that has no track record. even in the future, we would need to scrutinise his performance in much the same way that Maddoff's performance was not scrutinised, unfortunately.

There's a lesson in that.

JokesOnYou3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Good stuff Dirty dont forget about the "yeild issues" and "downclock" BS. Also for those saying hes right "sometimes" how stupid is that #1 yeah understandably anybody could be wrong because companys make changes to plans but for a so called "microsoft insider" should be spot on almost everytime....with his record 25% of the folks on n4g are insiders too. #2 The things he gets right are vague common sense predictions that will most likely happen if you follow gaming and have just a bit of deductive reasoning skills. Hell heres how it goes both consoles will launch with OS and game bugs and glitches that require patches. Both will have launch day problems for some trying to connect. Both will have some surprise features we didnt expect or that work differently than 1st thought.= Now write that in half azz cryptic lingo= BAM! Im Nostradamus. Post to neogaf watch how easily the "followers" are amazed.

=CBoat is a sonyfanboy poser.

H0RSE3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )


"Off of your list and Kayants, Cboat has been correct 18 times vs the 11 times he was wrong according to your list.Thats a 62% average meaning he is getting most of his predictions right..."

So essentially, you are saying that his predictions are about as "successful" as prayer...Yeah, that's impressive...

imt5583007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Somewhere in between:

- Xbox One will see a downclocking FALSE

CBOAT never mentioned about downclocking. It's cam right from MS mouth. You remember that MS was said that bandwith is 204 GB/s, a this happened :

Suddenly 192 GB/s. And those who know about RAM and bandwith technology with simple math came to downclock.

- PS4 will launch in late October FALSE
No online paywall for PS4. Unconfirmed. FALSE
- No DRM info for PS4. FALSE

CBOAT said before that he is not Sony insider.

Have you consider that MS does not need to download Day One patch to remove DRM from XO? XO OS is unstable because removing DRM. But DRM is very deep in XO system and it will be hard to remove that thing. Maybe MS will not be able to remove DRM entirely.

Magicite3007d ago

But he was also right about some things, You didnt mention those intentionally.

H0RSE3007d ago


"...But DRM is very deep in XO system and it will be hard to remove that thing. Maybe MS will not be able to remove DRM entirely."

- consoles have been using DRM aspects for many years now. This is why you need the disk in the drive to play games or why you can't play burnt games.

Kayant3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )


The yield issues are real expect you want to them me how they can go from 23 countries pre DRM to 13 after their 180s. This obviously means that they knew demand was not going to be that high with their initial policies which is why they launched in so more countries to gather good sales but suddenly after removing all their policies (No DRM/kinect required) with 3x the interest they obviously cannot meet demand now.

The evidence is there with the PS4 having a bigger interest & more demand they are able to launch in more countries(32).

Expect you have an explanation as to why MS scaled back from 23 to 13.

The downclocks were obviously wrong.

Also how is he a Sony fanboy when most if not all is info on PS has been wrong but his info on MS has been right often.

abc12333007d ago

@jokesonyou: I'd like to see 25% of N4G users post part of a trailer 2.5 months before it's released to the public.

3007d ago
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Back-to-Back3007d ago

MS's mentality. Make a generalized statement and hope its enough to keep the fanboys from worrying. This has rrod 2.0 written all over it.

3007d ago
PFFT3007d ago

RLOD 1.0

Or the many system crashes at expos or the Live Tv, LIVE TV failure while trying out the Eyetoy over at Tokyo Gameshow.

isa_scout3007d ago

Yeah it's pretty strange that he says they're playing the games nightly, but no one said the games didn't work. He was questioned about the OS and Live issues, and instead of answering them he deflected with, "Anyone can put stuff on the internet."

This isn't a PS4vsOne thing, and I sincerly hope they get things running smoothly for the One before launch for all the Xbox users. I'm starting to wonder if MS announced the XOne to soon to try to keep pace with Sony.
Sadly in this day and age a new peice of Tech always launches with issues. What the hell is going on with MS and Sony??? SNES,Genesis,PS1,PS2,Xbox all those older systems launched just fine, but now we need day one patches for EVERYTHING, even our brand new next-gen systems.

Pogmathoin3007d ago

Well, it is a new week for the fanboys... Should be an interesting one, as we enter November. Maybe X1 should have launched last December, would have been easy to blame it for the end of the world... Then of course Sony would have saved us all...

Aceman183007d ago

Man I miss Jay, Seamus, and Shane they were really likable personalities for the company and I could usually take them at face value.

This new crew I just can't stand at least the main one left now hoping the rest bounce.

This OS issue is rather strange as I wouldn't expect this from a software company which is their bread & butter.

Mike134nl3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Lets wait till after launch. Its better and kinda expected to have some software problems before launch than after the launch.

2cents3007d ago

I physically played for over 4hours on the Xbox One last Friday. While I can't comment on Xbox live, I can say that out of 9 Xbox's that I played on, all booted into the OS and back to the game without a glitch. I saw people pissing around with menus and trying to get into every screen much to the annoyance of the reps. All real xbox's, all real games, all real fun (except zoo tycoon).

I came away VERY impressed and totally confident in the ability of 'The One'.

MrCastle3007d ago

What's up with zoo tycoon?

2cents3007d ago

The framerate was really choppy with loads of slowdown and hanging. The graphics were no better than current gen in most areas. Only the animal close ups had a slight wow factor. Overall I just didn't really enjoy it, but in fairness this isn't a pickup and play game, it demands your time to really get into it, besides I just couldn't stop playing Ryse! It was bloody amazing!

MAULxx3007d ago

I'm glad you enjoyed it but it is forever a "Xbone".

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jmac533007d ago

Interesting how they come out and deny these rumors but not a peep regarding the 720p games.

Real_gamer3007d ago

Nobody asked for ur opinion why don't u just go and comment on ur fav console which is ps4 and stop trolling on any articles about Xbox one

Majin-vegeta3007d ago

You sound mad want a cookie??

XboxFun3007d ago

So an internet rumor pops up from unnamed sources and a direct MS representative shoots them down as false and N4G claims they don't believe MS and of course they would deny it.

And yet N4G always are the first to demand MS make a statement to other rumors from unnamed sources....Why?

When none of you will believe anything MS says. This is the true "SMH" moment I find with these comments from sony fanboys.

jessupj3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

"And yet N4G always are the first to demand MS make a statement to other rumors from unnamed sources....Why?"

I guess MS fanboys are just perfectly happy to bend over and blindly accept anything MS offers then, eh?

But I don't know if you noticed, but it appears it was an xbox fan demanding answers. N4G are just posting the story.

And I guess you have very bad reading comprehension because Phil did NOT debunk these rumors. He only mentioned the games were running fine, but the issues were the OS and some of the online interactivity, which he completely skipped.

It seems like every time you open your mouth to defend MS you say something stupid.

Yesterday I honestly though these rumors weren't true. Now after Phil has skipped the question and bailed when the questions got even more tough, I think there might be some truth to it.

I feel bad for anyone that had a good thorough look at all the facts and came to the objective conclusion that the xbone is right for them. I don't feel bad for you though.

What are you going to do if all these bad rumors are true? Keep blindly defending MS I presume?

Ps4Console3007d ago

All this Xbox One bashing I really don't want to hear it it's flamebaiting I just want good news on Ps4 games .

TheXgamerLive3007d ago

Mistakes? Yes. Lies? None. MS has done nothing but be up front and forthcoming about everything Xbox One.
So, if anyone's lieing its been sony fans and if any company has been with holding information it's Sony

Xbox One OS/XBL has been testing this same basic set up for almost 17 months and Its near impossible to believe this story. Admittingly Sony and MS both will be testing and tweaking up til launch and that tweaking does not a story make.