DarkZero: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

DarkZero writes: "You've probably already heard about multiplayer being shoehorned into Condemned 2, and you probably won't be surprised to hear it's absolutely pointless. Not only is there almost no one playing the mode online, but when you finally get a match going it just descends into idiocy as you realise a game that is almost solely melee-based cannot work well against other human players. It reminds you that Condemned is not a game that needs multiplayer; no one was asking for it after the first one, and no one will be happy to see it make an appearance in the main menu in number 2. Maybe Monolith got their priorities wrong this time?

In itself, the inclusion of multiplayer is not a bad thing, but time was taken to add it into the game, probably because marketing types demanded it after consulting their charts, and as a result the rest of the game suffers. Sure, the main melee-based mechanics of the original have been improved, but crucially the game is nowhere near as scary as it once was. The potential is there, but it seems there is a layer of sheen missing that was on show the first time round. The pacing, mood, and tone all seem somewhat off."

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