BOMB: Xbox One OS and Xbox Live issues bouncing about as we approach launch

Pete Dodd:

I’m putting it all out on the line here. I enjoy breaking leaks but if this is wrong I’m fucked. I know this. This is how much I trust the people who have verified (and I hope for a CBoaT appearance).

The short story is that Xbox Live and the OS, especially in functions that involve XBL, are a complete fucking mess. One source says we aren’t talking weeks until it works correctly but “months.” Things like parties dropping people when moving from one thing to another. Connectivity issues. Missed invites. Friend requests not working, etc.

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PoSTedUP3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Something's up with all these rumors, something in the industry is being covered up and they are playing us like pawns. like adam sessler said "truth to power will win out". ive decided im not going to feed into this rumor (edited my comment), im going to start sending in death threats to everyone in the industry (not really), but im getting pissed now with all this propaganda/rumors.

NewMonday3005d ago

"Something's up with all these rumors, something in the industry is being covered up and they are playing us like pawns"

the first clear sign should have been the lack of 3rd party XB1 game previews, even exclusive marketing games like CoD and PS4 are shown on the PS4 only/first


"Very nice. We have quite a lot of anonymous, disloyal Xbox people leaking bad news"

so you would rather consumers were deceived and sold faulty hardware?

PoSTedUP3005d ago

@newmonday & badboy776

yeah i thought so, i said the same thing in the article "IGN former journalist says people complaining about not getting a free ps4 are *****es". sorry cant link it on my vita but its there.

then i take back my edited comment; MS has turned their mess into a ****show and they have no one to blame but themselves. they should have delayed the X1, not doing so has become catastrophic to their position in the gaming industry.

ZodTheRipper3005d ago

The way this is written suggests that it has to have some truth in it.

black0o3005d ago

MP problems + COD/BF4 lowest port = _______ customer

Muerte24943005d ago

We're only on the edge of the rabbit hole people. According to CBOAT, there is quite a fall and people need to brace for impact. Many people on this site have already stated. Xbox One was suppose to launch in 2014. EsRAM drivers aren't ready, the OS isn't complete, developers haven't much time with the final devkits. With big multiplatform games only being in 720p, MSFT is going to have a hard time convince 360 owners to make the leap.

Just for some clarification, COD SP is 1080p/30fps and multiplayer is 720p/60fps. Titanfall is also running in 720p along with Battlefield 4.

Jeremy Conrad is the former IGN editor

Do people still think the "Watch Dogs" delay had nothing to do with Xbox One? Considering we've seen absolutely no footage of it?

Gazondaily3005d ago

Oh gosh here's hoping these rumours aren't true. I don't have the patience for all these online problems. These basic features need to work at launch.

abzdine3005d ago

Despite all critics, MS still haven't shown anything xbox live or cloud related and people are still gonna buy this shit. sorry but this is unacceptable.

Back-to-Back3005d ago

Not to mention watch dogs last minute release date pushed bacl

Gazondaily3005d ago


Well, in MS' defence, they've shown off more than Sony regarding Xbox Live and the UI. We haven't seen an official rundown regarding the XMB from Sony yet. Is this acceptable?

abzdine3005d ago

show me, i have seen nothing.
and the PS4 UI, go watch the trailer from TGS about PS4/Vita interaction one more time. that is just one of many others.

NewMonday3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )


check this out..

"Anonymous asked:I'm not sure Sony has been particularly forthcoming with unedited footage of their OS, either. They've both been pretty cagey in that regard.

Jeff Gerstmann: Didn’t some French site post a ton of raw, off-screen footage of themselves &#[email protected] around with a PS4? Could’ve sworn I saw that awhile ago.

Anyway, yeah, they’ve both been a little cagey, I guess. But I feel like I know way more about how the PS4 front-end will look and work, while all the Xbox One dashboard and multitasking footage looks… fake?"

ZodTheRipper3005d ago

I would just be cautious with a Day1 purchase at this point. So many negative rumors usually mean something.

Real_gamer3005d ago Show
Gazondaily3005d ago


"show me, i have seen nothing. "

Okie dokie:

This should be enough Abz if the trailer from TGS for PS4/VITA interactions was enough.

PS4OUR3005d ago

"the first clear sign should have been the lack of 3rd party XB1 game previews, even exclusive marketing games like CoD and PS4 are shown on the PS4 only/first"

Dude, something started to stink after i heard about that.
People who are in denial that something is definately amiss at MS is in for a rude awakening.
MS have yet to come out and full on deny anything wrong with the console or its services. That speaks volumes and this exact same thing happened before it was spilled that Ghosts is 720p on the Bone.

Ron_Danger3005d ago

I just went through and read almost all of the comments on this page and from what I gather, it seems like some people on n4g are more excited to see their opposing console fail, then to actually play the one they've preordered.

JokesOnYou3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Heres why its the ps4 that is the one stumbling into next gen:

Only 1 high profile launch game and its a shooter running on an old engine offers nothing next gen, graphics upgrade cannot run 1080p 60fps whole game and its sonys flagship game WITHOUT DEDICATED SERVERS vs a open world tons of zombies on screen no loading, no streaming, plus a hack n slash @900p with the best next gen graphics and by far the best cinematics in any game launching.

Then we have Driveclub delay but Forza5 looks better and as a sim has more going in regards to tech performance all at 1080p 60fps.

Then we have seen far more about the X1's hardware details with hot chips conferences and other panels talking about the custom design architecture and UI than ps4's? sony lack of details on hardware suggests it off the shelf since they've been pretty hush to say otherwise, sure wasn't hush about the cell/bluray last gen launch.

Then we have seen COD Ghost and BF4 both already running on X1 looking no different than ps4 versions.

Then we've seen X1 at more events not 1 cancellation unlike sony and X1 is in more stores with gamers having hands on while sony has ps4 showcased in controlled sony stores.

All this while having the more robust console that not only is launching standard with a high tech camera but also introducing next gen ideas like cloud computing and is leading with dedicated servers available to all games/Azure.

Now its 2 weeks before ps4 launch micro is still showing more, engaging with the public while we hear of sony not getting ps4 in journos hands setting review restrictions, and just running the same Taco Bell ads a few others but where are the uncontrolled hands on demos of the KZ SF and the system UI at this point?...releasing earlier we should see alot more from sony but we don't.

Only hit for micro is bad PR the system itself has proven over and over again rumors were wrong about die issues, downclocking, fcc certification, no demos, delays, supply and code issues. This latest OS crap will also be next BS rumor proven wrong.

^^^^Its sony who looks far less ready than micro for next gen.^^^^

johndoe112113005d ago

Those are not live demos, those are videos. The ps4 ui has been shown live in videos where you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was running on a ps4. Those xbox ui in those videos you linked could have been running on a pc for all you know.

gaffyh3005d ago

JOY - Don't be that guy.

NewMonday3005d ago


"Then we have seen COD Ghost and BF4 both already running on X1 looking no different than ps4 versions"

CoD is 1080p on the PS4, 720p on XB1
BF4 is 900p on PS4, 720p on XB1

Facts destroy your fiction

Word is their is even more bad news about the XB1, it should become public in the next few days

black0o3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )


Talk is cheap, can u back up what u just claimed ..
let me proof u wrong

-COD demo behind closed doors on x1 and the other times it was running on PCs with game-pad unlike the ps4 version "go to ign""
-99% of 3rd party titles were demoed on ps4 (AC, Watch_dogs, NFS, COD...etc) with direct feed
-Crytek confirmed that MS is behind in drives and tools
-reviews are arriving next weeks for all version except the xbone

should I keep going ...

Ron_Danger3005d ago


If you don't work for MS, you should.

Also, just wondering why you mention Killzone running on an old engine and neglect to mention that Forza, Dead Rising, and Ryse were all being developed for the 360 but then ported up to the one so it would have launch games. Its not like they made new engines for those games.

Don't post a 12 page comment that is just opinion sprinkled with facts wherever convenient.

abzdine3005d ago

@ JOY:
your arguments are full of shit.
let's talk FACTS, not words and promises. the "MS said" type of answer proves you are just a fanboy, nothing else and no need to spend time answering you.

Gazondaily3005d ago


They have been leaked by some chaps but nothing official has been shown by Sony. And it wasn't really in-depth.

We have seen the same with the X1 (remember the kid who got his X1 early?).

-Foxtrot3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )


He's ALWAYS that guy

How the hell he has so many bubbles amazes me, any other kind of user spewing out that kind of fanboy BS would be down to 2-3 bubbles by now.

Anyway if this ends up being true then I hope people don't be idiots and still follow MS. You wonder why most sites like this one are "pro Sony" they are just full of people with common sense

P0werVR3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

The point of the argument is this, if your using CoD: Ghosts as a basis for defining next gen graphics. Then you are utterly and truly grasping at straws in finding ANYTHING negative Xbox One.

Other games has already put Xbox One as truly next gen from the get; Ryse, DR3 and Forza 5. Then you add on to that third party games that run games equal to if not better than PS4 (gameplay).

The coincidence in the rise of these RUMORS are very suspicious, because they started popping up right after the new release of VGchartz next gen pre orders as of week ending Oct. 19th:

Which CLEARLY shows CoD: Ghosts pre-orders of Xbox One outnumbering PS4 (US).

Remember, these are RUMORS! These are not FACTS!! So I don't see the point in admitting to something that doesn't exist and only an assumption ANYONE can make and be DEAD WRONG. Once this blows over as just rumors, what would have been the point aside from scaring your fanboy sentiments?!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Newmonday... which rumor you going to believe? You believed the one that said MS was paying 3rd parties not to show of the PS4 versions of the game... and not that that's not happening, you believe this.

Do you also believe Proelites news that PSN is having big issues too? And that the PS4 might not even have online play for PSN at launch?

Why aren't those rumors from these same people about the PS4 big news? Is it because it's Sony bad news nobody wants to talk about?

Or because that's FUD?

I'd imagine the Sony fans will say it's FUD.

Edit.. funny how anytime Jokes on YOu or anyone that is a fan of the Xbox... and talks good about it is automatically working for MS. That's so stupid. You can't be an Xbox fan and make pro Xbox statements without that tag. But you can talk up Sony and the games and go off the Richter and nobody bats an eye.. That's just being a fan. The Playstation 4 can't even play movies or blurays out of the box without it's day one patch. But no.. it's not rushed or anything.

Love sony fanboys.

pixelsword3005d ago

@ jokesonyou:

"^^^^Its sony who looks far less ready than micro for next gen.^^^^ "

Ummm, I'd say...

That's what color I think the sky is in your world.

ThanatosDMC3005d ago

I swear, Jokes is hilarious. He must get off on it or something.

NewMonday3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )


"which rumor you going to believe? You believed the one that said MS was paying 3rd parties not to show of the PS4 versions of the game"

don't remember saying this, certainly not something I'm repeating over and over.

"Do you also believe Proelites news that PSN is having big issues too?"

I do actually, a number of insiders did say their will be issues, but not big ones, and they are related to rolling out a new network, not the hardware itself, not sugar coating it, I'ts up to Sony to sort it out.

"And that the PS4 might not even have online play for PSN at launch?"

not even one source even hinted at this

gaffyh3005d ago

@Fox - I don't mind JOY most of the time, is usually quite reasonable.

The Road So Far by SwitftDeath:

deadie3005d ago


It must be fun walking around being totally oblivious to everything else around you. I kinda envy you.

Megaton3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

You guys should know by now that JokesOnYou is a Microsoft shill. Unlike the rest of the trogs that represent Microsoft on N4G, he can form full sentences. That's what separates the fans from the shills.

XboxFun3005d ago

"I wrote this entire thing on GAF but never got the go ahead from the mods to post it so I moved it over here"


"Ok, first off: the origin of the rumor. I was contacted by someone claiming to be a dev. He told me a bunch of info. I had no idea if it was true or not."

Any news story that starts off like this MUST BE TRUE!

UltimateMaster3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I'm getting pretty sick of rumors myself.

All I want is official confirmation, that is all.

Let us stop spreading propaganda on stuff that isn't officially confirmed.
Oh, I could name a few:
-Rumored 720p on Xbox One. It could as well be 1080p for all we know.

I ain't going to make it longer than it should, but it's just stupid to claim Rumors as Facts.

UltimateMaster3005d ago

Jokesonyou still butt hurt and again attacks Sony.
What a shock *Rolls Eyes*.

Don't take *rumors* as fact.
If I were you, I would just say it's stupid and just wait until the console arrives.

Who actually cares what some guy said somewhere on the internet?

Until we actually get the console in our hands, we won't know and it really doesn't matter until the Xbox console officially launches anyway.

I am sick of rumors as well, believe me.

FamilyGuy3004d ago

We're less than a month from the launch of both these consoles, F*** the rumors.

I'm tired of all this bs spread of negativity.
Can't really trust anyone other than the words of devs speaking about their own games specifically.

Anyone can come of with a rumor if they use known facts to create weight behind their claims, you can make anything sound true by doing this.

Whether MS or Sony are having issues we'll know the absolute truth very soon. No point in reading rumors at this point.

3004d ago
Delive3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I like how you brought solid numbers into it. Seeing that cod has 329032 pre orders, that is a clear lead. It accounts for 68% of the totals for launch window fps numbers for the xbox one. Clearlyn cod still reigns strong on ms consoles. Sony on the other hand only has 298180 cod pre orders for the ps4, 52% compared to 3rd party launch window fps games. However, kz:s is also a launch fps and changes the picture. With it, Sony's fps pre order totals = 822101 compared t MS' 482253. Cod now only accounts for 36% of the launch window fps games for ps4. So MS has more cod pre orders, but you have to consider that has something to do with Sony' s base spread across 3 games vs MS with 2. Its good that ms has so many, but there is a logical reason.

Sono4213004d ago

something is definitely going on... no matter how much Xbox fanboy want to deny it...

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badboy7763005d ago

Rev3games works for Microsoft. They made the PS4 launch news up when in fact it's really the Xbox One with the Launch issues.

Muerte24943005d ago

It's not really Rev3games, but more like Adam Sessler at this point. But he swears he doesn't have a horse in this race. He still hasn't apologized for his overreaction to HDCP. I loved the guy on G4 but he's starting to get annoying.

FlameHawk3005d ago

Its also funny how it was also the founder of Polygon that was doing the same thing with him lol.

pixelsword3005d ago

I don't know about Rev3games, but MS had stock in G4tv:

I don't know if they fund people who were from that show or what, but I haven't looked into any of that yet...

...maybe I'll give it a look see sooner or later.

Soc53005d ago

Thats BS Adam Sessler has been really critical of the Xbox one launch
and has pointed out all of microsoft's mistakes

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AngelicIceDiamond3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Whats funny is this is the only generation where allot of stuff is getting leaked.

I don't remember this happening with PS360 or PS2 and Xbox. (Or not as much anyway)

These "loads of issues" are probably just regular issue that every generation faces. The only difference is the internet is a much bigger place and we know about it.

EDIT: Send a reply a lets debate about this. No fanbanboys replies please.

BoriboyShoGUN3005d ago

You might have a point! I guess we will see on a lot of these issues. Its just the complete silence from Microsoft that would worry me.

MasterCornholio3005d ago

Welcome to the age of information technology where any leak spreads like wild fire in the interwebs.

Nexus 7 2013

PoSTedUP3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

as i stated in the other article, that was all propaganda. the initial rumors about the xbox were true, and as people were homing in on MS's big issue all of a sudden there is supposed "big bad news" regarding sony, gimme a break. its put out there as deterrent to hide the truth, to cause mass confusion, exactly what big corporations and big businesses do in the media to distract people from the real issue. this was the Last thing MS needed right before their launch, and that was their last attempt at trying to soften the blow.

the rumors regarding sony; sony basically came out and said "?? huh??" as well as a ps4 dev. none of it made sense to anyone. now its pretty obvious.

Volkama3005d ago

What I find strange is that people seem to think MS have to respond.

The only thing MS need to do is fix any genuine problems before launch. There is nothing to be gained from clarifying every detail for angry gaf/N4G residents.

If the console comes good people will forget all about any rumoured problems and buy the thing.

If the console is bad then acknowledging it wont accomplish anything.

torchic3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

in previous generations we didn't have things like twitter, facebook, etc.

social media has vastly expedited the flow of breaking news to the public. major news break on twitter hours before they appear on more traditional forms from major news outlets.

ah MasterCornholio beat me to it :)

also something to take note, consoles hardware/software increases in complexity with each generation so more things can go wrong. and let's all be honest here, Microsoft doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to these things (consoles).

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hellzsupernova3005d ago

I'm sure Microsoft day one patch will fix some of these issues they wouldn't go through rrod again? Right?

falviousuk3005d ago

Much like the playstation day one patch will be adding in the missing features from thier OS, but no one seems to be too bothered about that.

And of course the pause and resume feature that wont be available until much alter, again no one seems to beat up over that either.

Same shit, different day on here

stuna13005d ago


I think the difference is Sony is not trying to pull the wool over people's eyes by trying to beat around the bush. Microsoft is! Sony for the most part has been prompt with answering concerns, whereas Microsoft hasn't! Thereby giving rumors the opportunity to fester.

Sevir3005d ago


Dude, Missing features!? You're grasping at straws
a 300mb patch that enables the feature set for the console isnt adding missing features. again what dont you understand about the Hardware being finalized and in production months before the Software is! thats why the small patch "activates" the features. Lets not forget that The PS4 can still play games and log into the PS store without this patch. You cant even do that on the XBOX One without downloading that UPDATE that turns the console from unusable functioning. and they haven't even fully detailed the full details of that update in itself, and the console is less than one month away from launching.

Yet Sony comes out and details the contents and clarifies that your console will still do what it's main function is which is play games offline and you want to make it seem like PS fans are hypocrites.

Back-to-Back3005d ago

Looks at windows 8..........
Realizes MS isnt that great at making Os's anymore.

BBBirdistheWord3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I agree for Windows ME

However, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 are all excellent, with minor quibbles.

In fact, we still use XP at my (very large, institutional) workplace.

I use Win7 on my desktop and Win8 on my touchscreen laptop. Both of these OS's are great. Best I have ever used, in fact.

Notice that no one is using a PlayStation operating system at work?

Go figure

Rockstar3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

@ BBBirdistheWord

You had me up until Vista.

Vista was and is terrible. XP and 7 are great OS's and 8 is just ok. Better if you install pokki.

BBBirdistheWord3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

@ rockstar

You had me up until @

Vista has issues, granted.
however dismissing Win 8 is just ignorant.

As for Pokki, maybe it is a nice interface substitute, but it does not replace Windows.

I am guessing pokki is not available for install on Playstation OS.
Please correct me if I am wrong. I would LOVE to have an alternative installation on PS3 and Ps4?

So why do you bring it up?
I recall the ability to upgrade PS OS was removed as per the PS3.
So we are stuck with Sony OS. Like it or not.

Please keep it real and relevant, ok?

Shnooze3005d ago

I don't see what's wrong with 8 other than the blatant look of the metro stuff. Which is easily ignored by going to your desktop, where most things happen.

johndoe112113005d ago


"Notice that no one is using a PlayStation operating system at work?"


stuna13005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

BBBirdistheWord did you really use no one is using a Playstation OS at work as a point to your argument???? Lmao.

You said people are being fed lies on the internet? Exactly how does that exclude you!? Wouldn't you also be subject to being fed lies? Unless of course you are immune to these sort of things lol.

Sevir3005d ago

You are right, no one would use a game OS to do work functions, its why no one is using an XBOX OS at work for work Either... Just stop, Please!

Rockstar3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

@ BBBirdistheWord

Do you know what Pokki is?
I've grown accustomed to a start button and this puts it right back with all the functionality of 7. Plus it gives me the ability to boot right to desktop if I so choose. Therefore improving 8.

Also, nowhere in my comment did I mention PS3, PS4 or XBox. I was simply giving my opinion on Windows OS's. Sounds like you might have an agenda here.
I wonder what it is? smh :)

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TheTwelve3005d ago

Where there is smoke, there is fire. There are now officially too many credible sources with their names on the line for this to be false. Too many people who enjoy their underground fame saying the same thing, for this to be false.

This past week, I feel bad for anybody dropping $500 on the X1.

BBBirdistheWord3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

For all of my life, I have felt sorry for people who are so easily led as to place trust in unconfirmed and anonymous internet forum posts that conform to their underlying predilections and then publicly declare their ignorance.

You guys deserve to be sold lies by the internet.
There is no recourse after this.

sAVAge_bEaST3005d ago


They have been try'n to sell us lies.. We ain't buy'n. -The Truth will set you Free.

TheTwelve3005d ago

@Bird --- Yeah you're taking this a bit too seriously.

Unless you plan to drop $500 on the X1, then I'd understand why you'd be concerned atm.

andibandit3005d ago

yes too bad these credible sources are mostly anonymous

TheTwelve3005d ago

@andibandit The person who dropped this one isn't anonymous at all:

He makes it a point to be as real as the internet will safely allow.