Full 'Killzone: Shadow Fall' Box Art Revealed

The full Killzone: Shadow Fall box art has been discovered.

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black0o2793d ago

didn't know KZ:SF was free region .. like UC3

first1NFANTRY2793d ago

I thought all ps4 games were just like the ps3?

admiralvic2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

PS3 / 4 games only have region locking if the publisher wants it, so 99% don't. However, Persona 4 Arena is region locked on the PS3, so there is at least 1. Not to mention games with weird requirements (like 100 yen gomibako uses plays you buy, so they only work on the Japanese account that bought it).

However, I think Black0o meant the region indication says "All". Like Japanese games tend to show 2 for the region and I am sure some US games have it with the number 1. The game is still region free, but the indicator still exists.

Evil_Abed2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Would have been nice all around the game

Enemy2793d ago

Are you confused with the 60fps?

Sevir2793d ago

Its a variable 60fps for Single player. and a locked for multiplayer.

on single player it will fluctuate between 60 and 30 depending on the action while staying at 1080p

zaz122793d ago

1080P lacks BALANCE ;)

1OddWorld2793d ago

I got the joke don't know if others will catch the "balance" reference. But they have an excuse their heads are in the "Cloud".

mxrider21992793d ago

can you explain it to me have no idea what that means

Evil_Abed2793d ago

No, that was a typo, I meant all around the generation, not the game I apologise.

Destrania2792d ago

Well so far all game are native 1080p on PS4 except for 'maybe' BF4.

RytGear2793d ago

Wait so the 45GB install does count for disks too? I'm so confused now, I thought the incredibly large game installs were for digital only? Someone explain?

Snookies122793d ago

The 45GB install is for the disc copy, yes.

TheFutureIsBlue2793d ago

I feel bad for people who have sh!tty internet connections when it comes to next gen.

Tru_Blu2793d ago

I have 30Mbps, 45GBs will take me hours to download :(

Xsilver2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

not sure sure he knows what an 45GB install is ^^^

Sevir2793d ago

its a Cache... not an install. lol!

Tru_Blu2793d ago

So if I bought it off PSN it isn't a 45GB download?

thehitman2793d ago

umm @ tru if you bought it off PSN ya you will probably have a 45GB DL. Not sure why people agreed w/ your last comment. Now I am confused on why the disks have the size of the games on them I seriously doubt they will install all the games to the ps4 while your playing fully unless that is what you wanted to do while playing off the disc.

Probably since most games will be available for digital purchase now they just put the sizes of the games on the retail boxes as well.

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I_am_Batman2793d ago

I assume you'll have to install large portions of all the next gen games cause an optical drive may be too slow to read all the data needed in time.

DialgaMarine2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Yeah, I'm confused as hell right now. How in the world is there a 45 GB install for a disc based title? I hope that doesn't become the norm for next gen titles...

KwietStorm_BLM2793d ago

If you install the game to your disk, the game is 45GB. Simple.

ginsunuva2793d ago

Well, it does make sense.

Discs are really really slow to read from compared to hard drive, which is still relatively slow to read from, but faster than a disc.

And now with large data sizes on discs now, reading discs will take longer.

sweendog2793d ago

This has all been clarified a couple of days ago. leave 50 gb free on your hard drive. When you start the game it will install the game to cache memory (45gb of it) as you play. when you take the game out and swap it the cache memory is deleted and replaced with the new game you insert into the machine

I_am_Batman2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

@sweendog: The only thing that bothers me with that procedure is that it may have a negative effect on the performance of the game. Install while playing is a great feature but it means it'll take recources to do so. So if you are playing the same game over and over again and leave the data in the cache it may perform better then if you swap games all the time.

Edit: I may be wrong though cause it may be that the game doesn't install all at once when you put the disc in. Maybe it only installs a level while the game loads. And then when the level is done it installs the next part of the game.

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Gasian2793d ago

Oh it is so close I can already taste it. (^ε^)

TheFutureIsBlue2793d ago

"What will you sacrafice for peace?"

460ish dollars =o

Omar912793d ago

"What will you sacrafice for peace?"

45GB of hard drive space! I'm gonna need to buy a new Hard drive soon.

TheFutureIsBlue2793d ago

Me too man! I'm glad I am only getting Killzone at launch, but the I'll also be downloading DC Universe, Planetside 2, and Resogun at hdd is gonna be packed. We won't even have enough room to download demos lol.


Best buy has the 1tb's on sale for $85.

fOrlOnhOpe572793d ago

Or, how about:
"We're going to need a bigger hard drive!"

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LakerGamerEnthusiast2793d ago

and an extra 60 for Online peace as well ;)

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