NZGamer: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Preview

NZGamer writes: "Mercenaries 2 is set in Venezuela during an oil crisis. You are hired by Ramon Solano, a politician for the Venezuelan government, to rescue one of his generals from kidnappers. Easy enough, but once you return to Ramon for payment he decides that you should be off his property and out of his life, much like those south Canterbury farmers. After being sprayed by a few bullets and making a narrow escape you decide to show this Ramon bloke what it is to be a Mercenary. Time to show Venezuela a good time, explosive style.

Many improvements have been made over the previous game. The new vehicles are now a challenge to hijack as there is now a mini-game relative to each vehicle. The player must hit the right buttons at the right time to coincide with the hostile take-over going on between your character and the enemy piloting the vehicle. The animations for hijacking have also been vastly improved over the old ones. Instead of just chucking a grenade into the tank you are trying to claim there will be a soldier waiting for you with a handgun and the will to kill."

The Good:

The Bad:
-Being to close to the explosion!

The Ugly:
-Dumbed down for the PS2

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