More of Your Destiny Questions Answered by Bungie

IGN: Further details on the intriguing solar system-spanning shooter.

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BattleAxe2785d ago

The hype seems to have died down for this game, but I would say it's my most anticipated game to purchase within the next 8 months. I'll probably be getting this one on PS3, unless they announce a PC release.

spicelicka2785d ago

I don't think the hype has died down, it's 2014 Q1 game, the first phase of the hype has probably ended because of the games and console launch that's happening in the next couple of months, but the the hype will start again closer to launch or when they show something new.

fenome2784d ago

Totally stoked on this game, it's a lot deeper than people seem to think it is and I see myself spending A LOT of time in this universe. This game seems kind of swept under the rug on this site unfortunately.. go to youtube and search 'More Console Destiny' dude's kind of goofy, but he breaks down EVERY little bit of info known on this game so far.

If you're into this game, I've got some redeemable codes for in-game items.. I'm not sure if they'll only work for the beta or if they carry over to the full game but I do know that they'll work for anybody who puts in the code. Just go here:

It's the same site you put in your beta code if you've pre-ordered the game, but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRE-ORDER THE GAME TO USE THESE CODES, ANYBODY CAN USE THEM.

Set up an account or log in and punch in these codes (you have to refresh the page every time you input a new code)

CODE 6: 473-MXR-3X9
CODE 10: 69P-VCH-337

I have no idea what these will get you, but I do know they are legit. They come with some kind of trading cards that were given away at some of the confrences. When you redeem them all it says is something like "code successful, see what you unlocked in 2014". Vague bastards, the anticipation's killing me!!

BattleAxe2784d ago

"I have no idea what these will get you"

What you'll probably get, is some kind of virus on your computer. Seriously dude, get out of here with that crap.

Toon_Link2784d ago

Thanks for codes! They worked

fenome2784d ago

dude, it's their homepage, get outta here with that bullshit. I was tryin' to be cool, this isn't a your mom makes a grip of money bangin off on her webcam. whatever, tryin to be cool and nice and, I hate people on this site...

fenome2784d ago

^Please disregard this comment, wish I could delete it.. I was just heated 'cause battleaxe thought I was spamming or something..

medman2784d ago

PS3? Lord help you. By the time Destiny comes out, I'll be enjoying Infamous Second Son on PS4 and anticipating the next gen versions of The Division and The Witcher 3.

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TechMech22785d ago

I'm sad to be leaving halo next gen as I'll probably buy a ps4, but I think I'll forget about it once this launches!

spicelicka2784d ago

I'm the happiest cuz my triad is right now destiny, titanfall, and halo 5 for next year. I want a ps4 too though.

medman2784d ago

My triad is The Division, The Order:1886, Destiny, Watch_Dogs, Infamous Second Son, The Witcher 3, Killzone ShadowFall, oh wait...I guess that's not a triad. But there are too many good ones to look forward to. The next Halo is going to have to be pretty spectacular to compete with those games and get me to purchase an xbone, not to mention what Sony's other first party devs have in the pipeline.

Supermax2784d ago

It will be great to play halo on the x1 and destiny on the ps4 fun times ahead.