PALGN: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Review - It wants to kill you

PALGN writes: "Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is the latest installment in the venerable series of tactical RPGs by Intelligent Systems. The game kicks off with the members of the rebellious Dawn Brigade attempting to free the oppressed country of Daein, and then spreads out across the whole continent of Tellius. War, hey? What is it good for?

Radiant Dawn is the first Fire Emblem game to grace the Wii, though you'd be hard pressed to identify it as a Wii game simply by looking at it. The graphics tend to look very last-generation, with blocky, simple animated characters skating around the screen. The 3D battlefields are nicely done, and are able to be zoomed and rotated to a certain degree but aren't going to inspire any loving odes to the Wii's graphical power. There are a few moments where the eye candy factor takes a teensy upward nudge, particularly with the zoomed-in combat scenes that present a 3D 'on stage' look at whatever conflict is currently underway. Mention has to be made also of the various pre-rendered, motion captured cut scenes that are scattered - very thinly - throughout the game. They're gorgeous and a refreshing break from the otherwise okay-ish looks of the game."

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