PSM3: UEFA Euro 2008 Review - Played FIFA recently? You know where this is going

PSM3 UK writes: "First off, don't worry - England's absence from this year's European Championships is rectifiable. UEFA Euro 2008 allows you to play through qualification, or just jump straight into the finals - with the correct team line-up or your own selection. So you can take JT, Lumpard and the rest to glory after all, until their egos are so gigantic they can't stand up under the weight. Then there's an international take on FIFA 08's Be a Pro mode called Captain Your Country, which allows you to take a created player from B International obscurity all the way to European glory. But despite all this, and no matter how many times they see their team lift the virtual trophy, England fans will no doubt experience pangs of sorrow playing Euro 2008."

You'll love:
-Increased speed
-Great player movement
-Beautiful animations

You'll hate:
-Distant feel
-Inconsistent passing
-FIFA clone

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killer_trap3831d ago

i tried the demo, this game is getting close to beating PES in terms of gameplay and it's leaps and bounds ahead off it in terms of presentation. I'll skip buying it and wait for fifa 2009.