Five games to get you in the Halloween mood

Stick Skills: "With Halloween less than a week away, most of you are probably preparing for whatever nefarious festivities you have planned for the 31st. In celebration of the upcoming holiday for all things dark and mysterious, I've gathered together a list of five terrifying games to help get you in the mood for this holiest of horror holidays. To avoid needless repetition down worn paths, I've tried to limit myself to newer releases from this year you might have missed, spread across a variety of platforms. Enjoy."

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loserbam3010d ago

This will be useful. Been trying to get into the spirit of the holiday!

SonyStyled3010d ago

infamous festival of blood will get you going. and i believe its on sale in the ps store

Fullmetalevolust3010d ago

My 5 would be:
-RE4 (el lago, yikes!)
-The last of Us
-Shadow of the Colossus (some colossi, and environments are just trippy to me)
-Far Cry 3 ( I have thalassaphobia, fear of anything under the ocean, and shark attacks are scary as all hell).
-Bioshock 1 (again, under the ocean).
Honorable mentions: Demon Souls and Dark, I'm a wuss!

Mega243010d ago

If you want to really get scared, go for Shark Attack Deathmatch, or Fear 1 and 2, or Condemned 1 or 2.

My 5 would be:
Dead Space
Silent Hill2
Condemned: Bloodshot

Fullmetalevolust3010d ago

How could I forget dead space and Silent hill, or even fear (Alma!)?
Good list!
What about that Japanese game, Fatal frame?

Mega243010d ago

@Fullmetalevolust Never got around to play it, maybe I should try Fatal Frame out!

Pintheshadows3010d ago

I shall be playing Outlast.

FunAndGun3010d ago

Costume Quest!

It is a little cute and for every age, but it is pure Halloween goodness.

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