‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ new and old builds compared

A screenshot comparison between the new build of “Killzone: Shadow Fall” and the original gameplay reveal from the Playstation Meeting event in February.

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Chaostar3006d ago

I'm getting a Goldeneye for N64 vibe from the gameplay vids, which I still consider one of the greatest FPS games I've played. Really excited for Shadow Fall.

sweendog3005d ago

Thats what ive been thinking. And that hostage level reminds me of the perfect dark mission where you infiltrate the villa in the port. Looking forward to this is an understatement

GameNameFame3005d ago

It literally seems like the author took a screen shot of a youtube video...

Taking a picture of decompressed video for comparison is laughable..

Ashunderfire863005d ago

That what I said LOL! And I got disagrees for describing it as Deus Ex: Shadowfall and Perfect Dark: Shadowfall.

AndrewLB3005d ago

Umm... go back and look at the third comparison with the big explosion. It is VERY evident that the lower quality in the new version is NOT due to your unfounded claim that the new pics are "a picture of decompressed video". The new scene looks like CRAP. It's like they darkened much of the game to hide the the much lower texture quality.

Instead of being in denial and while frantically attempting to find anyone other than Sony to blame, you should direct your frustration at those who misrepresented their product in order to increase sales.

Some of you sony fanboys remind me of these Obama-drones who are now so happy to have "affordable" health care, even though they're now paying 2x as much for worse coverage (mine went from $115/mo to $265/mo) and my deductible going from $500 to $2500.

Its hilarious because they keep trying to blame Bush, or Conservatives. lol. Obama owns this trainwreck just like Sony owns this. I wonder who is going to get their heads out of their a$$e$ first, Obama-Drones or Sony-Drones. lol.

abzdine3005d ago

what a ridiculous article..
Shadow Fall in just a month time!! i am so hyped i want this game

nukeitall3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I personally think KZ, Shadowfall looks damn good1

It is just a shame it lacks real dedicated servers for multiplayer, and you have to settle for P2P. There is nothing worse than lag!

Keyser3005d ago

Wrong place for ACA/Obama-care debate...

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brometheos3005d ago

Ryse fanboys don't want you to be excited for Shadow Fall lol

NewZealander3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

and shadow fail fanboys like you dont like people to be excited about ryse...those in glass houses bro...

Killzone Shadow fall disagrees. That game looks better than Ryse and runs at 1080p WITH higher frame rates. That's not to mention how all the other developers are saying the PS4 is more powerful, even former Gears of War developer. No need for damage control Crytek, it is what it is. #50
27d ago by brometheos

sony fans love to play down ryse and claim its been downgraded, if they removed polys and made no other improvements then yes thats a downgrade, but they improved texture detail, cloth physics etc, thats called OPTIMIZING! something crytec gets accused of being bad at alot, but in ryse compare pics, it clearly pays off.

trywizardo3005d ago

as i always say KZ games looks and plays awesome but the story is meh and multiplayer is a normal multiplayer nothing special its better than COD off course but not as BF or halo or even titanfall
and comparing a hack-slash game to a FPS games is the peek of fanboys retardation

mhunterjr3005d ago

You know, I was thinking, it reminds me of the originalperfect dark

JsonHenry3005d ago

Given that the screenshots were compressed and of low resolution to begin with other than some color palette changes I can't tell a difference.

3005d ago
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badkolo3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

are these real, which is the newer build. one looks good on each pic, the other looks horribly downgraded. the picture with the 2 things hovering , i see no differene in that one

KUV19773006d ago

I think the newer build would be the images that have the word 'new' imprinted on the upper right corner.

Aceman183005d ago

you can see why he has two bubs lol, the game is looking really, really good. i'm excited to play it.

sibbor3005d ago

Downgrade? I don't think so. The lightning have changed a lot, which you can see in the explosion images I've extracted from the latest story trailer. It's very detailed.

Cueil3005d ago

90 percent of the difference is lighting... some of the textures have been changed a bit, but it's nothing really that huge of a difference... technologically anyway... lighting can make or break something though and it's clearly better... though the explosion maybe a can go either way

KUV19773006d ago

I think they should have made the pictures a little smaller so one could better see the differences. I mean 1080p game and 338p images. I feel like I am seeing too much.

Half-Mafia3005d ago

The whole industry needs to rethink how they are going to show next gen games. We need 1080p screens and 1080p video with no YouTube compression.

smoothop3006d ago

You get down voted for telling the truth not a surprise there then. It doesn't look quite as good as the old build but its still very good.

FlameHawk3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I've just read your past comments and you aren't telling the truth you pro-xbox fanboy, please get out. Don't be mad about CoD not even handling 1080p on Xbox One lol.

DigitalRaptor3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Just curious.

What parts of those sub-480p poor quality images makes you say that?

AndrewLB3005d ago

Umm... do you need glasses or something? Because the new pictures are not nearly as sharp, textures are now muddy, and it seems they dumbed down the Ambient Occulsion quality which results shadows having less variation in tone, causing them to look very dark.

IRetrouk3005d ago

@ andrew,

Do you realise that the pictures provided are at like 480p ? You cant tell anything from these pics other than the lightng change, the game runs at a higher resolution than these screens can show making it look muddy as you say. Use your brain man.

HighResHero3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

The whole point is that it actually looks better in the newer build. Whether or not these images do an adequate job portraying that is another story.

AndrewLB3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

No it doesn't. The heavy shadowing is a lower quality ambient occulsion and clearly does a fine job of hiding the lower quality textures from those who don't want to see the truth.

Look at this image I just put together for you as an example. Look at the plant, the subtle shadowing on clothing, and how natural the lighting is on the lower image. The biggest tell is the tonal width in the shadowing. Notice how the old shots have softer edges on the shadows as well? Soft shadows take a ton of graphics power and would be the first thing that would be reduced if devs needed additional FPS.

IRetrouk3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Andrew, how can you see all those details with such low quality screens? Be real man post direct 1080p screens or gtfo.

Deadpoolio3005d ago

@ AndrewLB: Thats the picture itself nitwit, I love how your so insecure about your crapbox One80 purchase your going to use blown up screen shots of already low rez images and claim that is the actual look of the game......

You have Obamacare now since you felt the need to bring that up in your other idiotic post, so please use it and actually go have your eyes check cause you clearly need it done if you think your "proof" helps your claim at all, again the blur is even worse since your using blown up pics of already low rez images

iceman063005d ago

You need to learn truth vs. opinion. One really can't be argued, though some will always try, the other is completely subjective and up to scrutiny.

kenshiro1003005d ago

Then you need glasses because I don't see how this was a downgrade.

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