Unboxing Battlefield 4 ( normal edition )

Unboxing Battlefield 4, and showing what it includes.

BattleAxe3690d ago

Ok, so we've got a game case with Battlefield 4 written on it, there's a Blu-Ray disc inside, there's an instruction manual inside the game case, the disc has Battlefield 4 printed on it.....

Empire3690d ago

It's just a regular game unboxing...Nothing special here. :P

Goro3690d ago

How does Hakoom simply get a game early?

SonyNGP3689d ago

The game came out early. So did AC4.

angelsx3690d ago

I've seen video in youtube from the single player ps3 and the graphics are worse then bf3 ps3.

static52453690d ago

You forget about the downloads that they have to do. Those downloads are to improve visuals

Detoxx3690d ago

It's because of either bad TV settings or bad quality recording. The BF4 Beta on my PS3 looked better then BF3, so the final game will look better aswell

angelsx3690d ago

So you wanna tell me that Bf4 beta looks better then bf3 with hd texture pack instaled?OMG . . . Ok you will see it yourself in few days.

Detoxx3690d ago

Dude I've played 710 hours of BF3 and 40 on the BF4 Beta, I know what I'm talking about here.

The difference is very little on Current-Gen tho, PC and Next-Gen will shine!

ThatEnglishDude3690d ago

N4G, guys! A website where some guy opens a game box containing *gasp* a videogame and calls it news!

Goro3690d ago

He didn't just open a game box...he opened a game box with a bullet :O

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Battlefield 1, Hardline, BF4 Servers Are Being Taken Offline by Cheaters; EA Silent on Issue

Cheaters & hackers have been causing grief on Battlefield 1, Hardline & BF4 servers, with nonstop DDoS attacks among other things. Unfortunately, EA has remained silent about it.

-Foxtrot615d ago

Course they are silent, they are hoping people flock to 2042

gamesftw250614d ago

Maybe it was a inside job then haha.

jeromeface614d ago

wouldnt be the first time, titanfall 1+2 anyone?

PapaBop614d ago

Not even if they paid me.. EA always do this with old games with less money potential, if this was Ultimate Team, they'd address and sort it faster than stories could spread. Why invest time in their products when they will just dump it in the following years? Then again EA never could see the forest for the trees.

Inverno614d ago

I imagine after those games were given out for free a couple months back through Amazon, anything that makes people go to 2042 is a plus for them

XiNatsuDragnel615d ago

They want people to go on 2042. My theory

excaliburps614d ago

Nah. I think they can't do anything about it or they want to sink money into fixing it.

Pudge102888614d ago (Edited 614d ago )

EA owns all BF servers so yes, they can do something about it but they refuse to because they dont want ppl playing their old games instead of the new one. Its EA we’re talking about here

pr33k33614d ago

if this happened in 2042, they'd have something to say. which is weird, considering battlefield 1 has more players on steam right now.

Pudge102888614d ago

Its so obvious that EA is doing this or hired ppl to mess up the games so that we’d be forced to have just 1 Battlefield working.

FPS_D3TH614d ago

Honestly it’s probably the devs themselves. They did an update to bf4 way back that kinda made assault rifles doo doo in hopes that people would flock to BF1 cuz BF4 was too perfect