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Thatguy-3101816d ago

Would have been cooler if they were designed as the human-like aliens with big black eyes instead of the ones that look like big bugs.

sobekflakmonkey1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I don't know why people disagreed with you, everyone seems to use bug like aliens, they all look the same, it would be nice if they did use something different that isn't the same as most video games with aliens involved.

Roxas35101816d ago

While it would be different, I don't think it would be as interesting. Those little grey aliens are bland and don't seem as dangerous/scary as the bug-like aliens. IMO I think it would be boring to play a zombie-like, round based mode with those aliens. Yeah you could give them some sort of powers and stuff, but I think seeing one of those huge bug-like aliens flying in to destroy you is a lot more fun.

sobekflakmonkey1816d ago

You're probably right, but you can make aliens look different without making them look "Humanoid" or like "Insects", tons of different things you can do, I guess I'd just like something a little more creepy? but I dunno, you're probably right.

NateCole1816d ago

It is starcraft in COD which is really cool.

I love Startcraft to bits.

kratoz12091816d ago

Looks okay, but... ima pass

SharnOfTheDEAD1816d ago

First person Xcom! Ha, this combined with Squads, it's pretty much just that :D

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