5 Of The Biggest WTF Moments In Gaming

Joe at GameGrin: "Sometimes, when you’re playing through a game, you’ll come to a point when you’re simply sat on your sofa staring wide-eyed at your TV with your jaw placed firmly on the floor. To save our brains from melting after witnessing such moments, these occurrences only happen once in a blue moon - and that’s what makes them so memorable."

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Riderz13371842d ago

inFAMOUS ending...Mind blown.

The_Ozymandias1842d ago

What about the end of God of War II?

Venox20081842d ago

bayonetta, almost everything, especially boss fights, same goes to conker and God hand.. and Viewtiful joe :))

Wni01842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

wait what? halo has always been generic in the story front.

seeing how bioshock doesnt do anything with the twist, i dont really see why its the best moment or whatever. there is no great change in mission structure from there or a new way of doing things, it just worked for the story. it was meta, but you still then proceeded to do what you do in FPS and shoot people in the face by following arrows.

i woulda put psychonauts on here

grumpc1842d ago

Would you kindly be quiet.

Wni01838d ago

Tell me how the game changed at that point in gameplay. It did nothing beyond some meta jab at FPS and then proceeded to be a generic FPS.

grumpc1838d ago

It's about the story, not gameplay...

sonicsidewinder1842d ago


Didn't you know? Halo was the first video game made.

sonicsidewinder1842d ago

"Wow, it's the Handsome Men! Awesome!"

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