OXM UK: An hour in Dead Rising 3, Xbox One's scariest, silliest horror game

Mild-mannered mechanic Nick Ramos is wearing a giant novelty shark costume. Our co-op partner - a sturdy trucker named Dick - sports a full suit of armour. Together we're gleefully slashing our way through a hotel pool full of swimshort- and bikini-clad zombies with a pair of glowing laser swords that, for legal purposes, are absolutely not lightsabers.

aviator1893625d ago

This game sounds great, from everything I've read about it so far.
Definitely one of the launch games I'll be getting.

strickers3625d ago

The sound does seem good. Shame about the graphics :-). DR2 was boring shit.
I'd buy Ryse before this if I was buying XB1.

P0werVR3625d ago

What is wrong with the graphics?! Did you like it more stylized???

Legacy2123625d ago

yea i cant wait!! every preview i read gets me more excited. This and ryse i am excited for

lifeisgamesok3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

This will be my most played Xbox One launch game next to Ryse

The Nightmare difficulty setting will provide tons of replay value on top of all of the weapons, vehicles, huge open world bigger than the 1st two games combined

smoothop3625d ago

Not 1080p, do I give a damn nope. Looking forward to this seems to be good fun.

kewlkat0073625d ago

First 2 games will be this and Ryse...

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darthv721152d ago

Interesting timing. This retrospective was released just a few days ago: https://youtu.be/Et-cKSrWuc...

Darksonic221152d ago

Ah no, I just felt like writing it as I started playing the game again and wanted to offer up my opinions 😁

InklingGirl1152d ago

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the title.

1151d ago
MadLad1152d ago

Complacency and new teams who didn't understand what made the series special.

Darksonic221152d ago

Seems like there was just a ton of infighting aswell and so many more issues. Honestly sadly Dead Rising 5 before it was cancelled sounded nothing like dead rising, nothing learnt from. Dr4 at all.