10 Biggest Sony Fails

Sony is going strong into the next-generation as the PS4 is the favored winner over the Xbox One and the Wii U. But this wasn’t always the case. This list of the 10 Biggest Sony Fails goes over some of Sony’s worst blunders early on in this generation. Some of these are just marketing fails. Others are huge malfunctions of policy. Still, others are peripherals that just weren’t worth a damn. These are their greatest misses, the 10 Biggest Sony Fails.

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MaximusPrime_1816d ago

Disagreed with over half of that list

Mikelarry1815d ago

over half come on now, a lot of the failures on that list were huge

1815d ago
Iltapalanyymi1815d ago

Playstation phone was great! i disagreed with most of this crap list.

AmbaLaBamba1815d ago

Home I quite enjoyed, the network outage was a fail, PS Move I still love and enjoy, UMD's I saw no problem with, PS Phone I have no opinion on as I haven't used one, SixAxis rumble didn't effect me, Lair I never played so no opinion, love all of PS's portable systems that I've played/owned, no opinion on OS removing and the pricing... well I bought it later down the line so meh.

sprinterboy1815d ago

My old xperia play was great, ps3 home makes a nice profit for Sony and is still enjoyable, six axis was good but never used enough imo and move is great.

fsfsxii1815d ago

Garbage list. Downvote and move on.