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Batman: Arkham Origins with the big beatdowns, the impressive storytelling and the great brand-new investigation mode has earned 9.1 from Gamerspost.

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bigboss19901821d ago

That's more like it :) this game is amazing it deserves better reviews like this one :)

RedDeadLB1821d ago

I came here just to say exactly what you said.

Sharty_Pants1821d ago

Yeah really, im about 8hours in and and so far its really good, different than arkham city but its nice to see a younger more raw batman

Pintheshadows1821d ago

Deserved score I have to say.

I don't mind if people don't like it, but dislike it for legitimate game related reasons. Not because it isn't Rocksteady or you perceive it to be some lazy cash in.

It isn't. It is a fantastic entry in the Arkham series that can stand on its own two feet and improves in so many areas.

It also has the wonderful aspect that Batman is still almost mythical and that adds more than it sounds like it adds. No one has realised just how hard he is yet and I think he is also a lot more brutal in this game. He has the anger that the Batman just starting out should have. This is evident when he first gets some one on one time with Cobblepot.

ZombieKiller1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Yeah honestly, I love the Arkham series. So much in fact, I played Arkham City almost every day until Origins released since it's debut. This game is, by far, an incredible entry in the series. The story, acting, level design, graphics and sound are all top notch.

What seperates this game is the story and plot. It seems as if the story is all character driven. WB Games seems to have REALLY put everything into the character development as they all stay true more to the comics. Bane being the most impressive. The boss fights were pretty damn good, and it kept everything I LOVE about City. Apart from some freezing issues (despite the lack of Mr. Freeze) this game is my favorite in the series.

This deserves a much higher rating that it has received so far. 91/100 is more like it! good review!

orionone1821d ago

I agree with you all except for one thing that really annoys me and I can't wrap my head around. Why on earth are certain buildings and ledges off limits for the grapnel? It makes no sense and really ruins the fluidity of navigating the city. Just a really bizarre design choice in my opinion. Everything else so far is awesome. Could something like that be patched later on down the line?