Sony Using 'Methodical Approach' With Gaikai, Will Eventually Stream PS4 Games: IHS Senior Analyst

"Sony has revealed its plans for Gaikai to provide backwards compatibility to PS3 games via Cloud streaming for the PlayStation 4. However, the question that has stuck with everyone since the service was announced was whether it would also be used to stream PS4 games in the future."

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GTgamer1844d ago

Looking Forward to Gaikai here's hoping it works well.

DOOMZ1844d ago

So in other words, they will be doing EXACTLY what they were bashing XBOX ONE for...

GTgamer1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

I don't get it could u elaborate

Ratty1844d ago

Not exactly. They agreed that the cloud was the future but that right now, the average internet connection was not fast enough for an always online solution. Add to that the fact that not everyone has a stable connection (or a connection at all.)

Basically, what they meant was that one day, always-online would be great but that it wasn't possible yet.

And btw, Sony is talking cloud gaming while Microsoft is talking cloud computing. Not the same thing at all.

Gaming_Guru1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Microsoft was more about always-on using cloud computing while this is more about streaming games on different devices using cloud computing. One was used for control while the other is used for flexibility.

On top of that Microsoft uses cloud computing for things that should be downloaded locally like single player AIs or parts of the single player, while Sony used it in Uncharted for things like balancing out online game modes on the fly even down to weapon placements on the map.

DigitalRaptor1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Here's a quote for you ignorant, desperate to downplay guys:

Mark Cerny: "To the extent that it's possible to do computing in the cloud. PS4 can do computing in the cloud. We do some things today. Matchmaking is done in the cloud and it works very well. If we think about things that don't work well, trying to boost the quality of the graphics, that won't work well in the cloud."

Gaikai is mainly for streaming games from the cloud, not what Cerny criticised Microsoft claims for, which was 'increasing raw power/graphics potential' to make up for significantly weaker hardware. None of what Cerny criticised correlates to what Sony is doing with Gaikai and increasing performance in the cloud.

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patsrule3161844d ago

"Sony has revealed its plans for Gaikai to provide backwards compatibility to PS3 games via Cloud streaming for the PlayStation 4."

So... the author considers saying they will stream some games at some point, without saying when the plan will start, how much it will cost, how the plan will work (subscription ala netflix/pay per game/ etc.), which games will be available, or even if it will work well, as revealing their plans? I would consider it not revealing their plans.

sigfredod1844d ago

I don't think so, the Playstation is a worlwide product, and a based cloud only console will not work at that level, even now on the tier 1 internet speed country a great percentage of users don´t have the bandwith necesary not even talk in tier 2 and tier 3 country those are millions of current customers, one of the mistakes that us as gamers commit is to state i have 50 gigs fiber i'm ok, and don't think on the other 50 million fellow gamers than don´t

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