Electronic Arts: Not as Evil as We Once Thought?

EA's buying Take-Two and, of course, the end result will be terrible for the industry, right? Maybe not. Kombo examines why Electronic Arts no longer deserves the stigma gamers so readily attach to the company.

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omni_atlas3834d ago

Um no. EA still sucks.

I'm still waiting for another Team Fortress patch to fix all the problems on the PS3.


Breakfast3834d ago

They are not evil....they are just really bad at making games. Scratch that...

Really, really bad at making games.

MattyF3834d ago

EA trying to buy companies only to strengthen their own power is what is evil about them. Currently, if EA decided to make their own console they would control every movie licensed game and the majority of sporting rights. EA is monopolizing the industry.

Apocalypse Shadow3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

"DEVELOPER FRIENDLY." nor do they think about the end product.they think about the profits as the end result.

we have seen many a company get screwed under their leadership.

we have seen their huge marketing dollars run other companies out of business or change their strategy on what to make next.

do you think of nba street or nba jam now?

do you think of nfl street or nfl blitz now?

do you think of nfl 2k5 or madden now?

if it wasn't for the NBA,live would have taken over as well as the only licensed basketball game.

and they sneek behind companies back and buy shares like they did ubisoft.

and they aquire you if they can get your games or game engine to kill competition,make you license the tech you used to make games with or take credit for games that they didn't make with their own devs.criterion survives only because burnout continues to be a hit.

i boycotted this company long,LONG ago.they do not deserve gamers money.their attempt to get take-two is a sign that they have not changed one bit.and not having refs in madden continues to spread the lie that "it's in the game."

f#ck EA!


jaja14343834d ago

I miss NBA jam and Blitz. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.