Worried About PS4's Day One Update? You Can Download It While You Play

Push Square (via Twitter): "We’re right in the heart of that sensitive period before launch where forum goers opt to freak out over every little scrap of information pertaining to next generation consoles. One sizeable nugget that caused some controversy over the weekend is the fact that the PlayStation 4 will require a firmware update to unlock many of its advertised features on release day. It turns out that you won’t be stuck twiddling your thumbs while you wait for the 300MB patch to download, though."

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Hatsune-Miku1822d ago

None issue,Glorious. I cant wait. Ps4 day one for me

guitarded771821d ago

This is good news. I'm picking up at midnight, and by the time I get home unbox and hook up it will already be 1am on a work night, so I want to at least get an hour of play-time before sleeping... who am I kidding... I'll be taking off that entire weekend :D

Sevir1821d ago

Its a 300mb patch.. that you can DL in the Background!...

You cant even do that on the other box, because you are required to Download the HUGE update in order to use the console at a BASIC level of functionality!

ONCE again, the internet is up in arms with Sony because they've been flying nearly scab free while MS has been seen pretty rough due to how they revealed the console back in May!

Insomnia_841821d ago

It's a 300mb download update, that takes lke what? A minute and a half? 2-3 minutes maybe? Compared to the 15-20 minute ipdate on the XBone, that's nothing.

FamilyGuy1821d ago

Let's see, 300mbs, that's less than 5 minutes to download for a typical connection. People keep wanting to compare it to MSs day 1 patch which is said, by MS, to be 15mins. That's with no reference to what they assume our download speeds to be.

I really don't see the point of complaining when they both are supposed to have background downloading anyway. I'd be more concerned with a game needing a day 1 patch than the console.

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GTgamer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

This is great news now i don't have to sit in front the TV watching a percentage screen that would of killed my mood why it downloading imma get in depth with UI. Although i hope its available to download off of the sony site less of a hassle.

Deadpoolio1821d ago

Cause the 300mb was just going to take hours upon hours....Not sure why people keep talking about a 300MB update that basically enables everything as if it's GBs or anything remotely close to the huge One80 patch, or the huge half the game forza download

rainslacker1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I take that time to read the manual though.:(

I recall the Wii U update taking forever, failing once, and taking forever again.

Day 1 sucks because their servers will be hammered. But I will be playing something.:)

I actually hope they release the update on the Playstation webpage ahead of time, and that we can just use a USB stick to install it.

clmstr1821d ago

This is a perfect PS4 slogan, love it! =)

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black0o1822d ago

i'm gonna just downloaded it from the web to USB flash

first1NFANTRY1822d ago

best way to avoid slow downloads and crashes. been doing that since the start of this gen.

KillrateOmega1822d ago

Wow. I totally forgot that you could do that.

Thank you, sir.

Kayant1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Dat balanced secondary download chip....

Also to note remote download will still work as it's unaffected by suspend/resume not being available at launch.

Lazyeye791822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

It's not some much having to wait for it to download, but the fact that people who don't have Internet won't be able to get the full functionality of what was promised in the PS4.

Edit: I guess it will probably be included on game discs that require it, so even without Internet you can still get the update.

MasterCornholio1822d ago

Well at least you can play games with the console without the patch which isn't the case with the Xbox One.

Nexus 7 2013

Kayant1822d ago

The only things you won't get is movie playback (weird) & camera voice commands which can also be done with a mic & gesture control. The rest are online features.

Also i think the update may be available on game disc also as some people pointed out iirc.

So in the end you can still play games as normal which is the primary function of the PS4 the main features promised are mainly related to online so need internet in the first place to function.

black0o1822d ago

i think most of launch disks should hve the update

christrules00411822d ago

That would be smart except Sony is doing the update. If your getting a game frok Ubisoft or another dev then they wouldn't have it on the disc. It's probably better done on the internet.

christrules00411822d ago

You can't use a majority of the day 1 patch features without internet anyways.

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