Dell Introduces Their Smallest, Greenest PC Yet

Michael Dell, the king of Dell, just previewed his company's smallest and greenest desktop PC yet at FORTUNE Brainstorm: GREEN. There's no name for this mini green PC, but it's 81% smaller than a mini tower and 70% less energy-consuming. It's also shipped in recycled and recyclable packaging, and look a whole lot like those cheapo Sun workstations that colleges love(d) to use.

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dragunrising3883d ago

"Green" electronics are typically luxury items. It would be nice if it was cheaper than not. I'd buy it it:)

shine13963883d ago

I wonder how much it cost...your bound to off-set any expenses in the long run by saving on electricity prices...I am known to leave my pc on for days on end...

JDW3883d ago

It will be useless for gaming.

tplarkin73883d ago

The more green Dells we buy, the less starvation, whale hunting, ozone depletion, etc.

(I'm being sarcastic.)