First English Final Fantasy XV voice actor revealed online

"Square Enix is notorious for keeping their voice casting plans under wraps, but it looks like one in particular has slipped away from them"

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EXVirtual1844d ago

You see? SE is releasing FFXV in the west sooner than some of you people think. Listing to Jay Preston's voice, he's been trained well.

listenkids1844d ago

I have no doubt we'll see Nolan North, Troy Baker and Steve Blum as "additional soldiers".

zerocrossing1844d ago

They could save some cash and just have Nolan do all the extras, lol ;)

Agent20091844d ago

Oh, please. Nolan North is overrated. I can instantly recognize his voice in each and every game he appears. But Troy Baker? Hell, he could voice all the characters of Final Fantasy XV and no one would notice any similarity.

zerocrossing1844d ago


Chill, it was a joke.

goldwyncq1844d ago

Troy Baker should play as Noctis, just so he could shout "STELLAAAA!"

Inception1844d ago

Jay Preston? Never heard of him. Anyone knew what anime / video games that Jay gave his voice?

x5exotic1843d ago

TC Carson should voice Noctis.

MegaRay1843d ago

Am I the only one who think we know alot of thing in kh3 than FFXV. Isnt FFXV suppose to release before kh3?