The Secret Developers: what next-gen hardware balance means for gaming

Have you ever wondered what developers really think about the latest gaming news and controversies? In this new series of Digital Foundry articles, it's game creators themselves who take centre-stage, offering a fresh, unique perspective on the issues of the day, free to write what they want about the subjects that they are passionate about, with a rock-solid assurance from us that their anonymity will be protected. In short, freshly served, informed opinion direct from the people creating the software we care about, with zero involvement from marketing or PR.

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LeonhartX3922d ago

As I expected, developers would handle the difference in GPU performance between ps4 and xboxone using the easiest possible way (same framerate, relatively same graphical quality and assets, but adjusting resolution) it is the easiest straightforward less expensive way to handle the performance difference.

P0werVR3921d ago

Great read and insight into the potential of next-gen, especially for the Xbox One.

nukeitall3921d ago

This article is so full of win of why numbers don't tell the entire story.

Keyword always has and always will be about balance between every moving part!

Highly recommended read, preferably with an open mind! =D

lifeisgamesok3922d ago

"Neither one of them are way ahead of the other, and that they both deliver the same type of experience to the end user with minimal compromise"

christocolus3921d ago

as much as you try...its unfortunate that many fans will never believe that..so i guess all thats left is to allow the games speak for themselves after launch..

lifeisgamesok3921d ago

Yeah people ignore logic and don't want to admit that the machine they think is "weaker" is just as capable

Kayant3921d ago

Not too long along iirc were you not a believer in mistermediax and his magical non-existent NDA's that made the XB1 more powerful than the PS4.... It's funny how now the power difference between the two doesn't matter as more things are rumoured & leaked.

At the end of the day the statement is correct as both consoles will provide the same base gameplay experience.

lifeisgamesok3921d ago

I still believe Xbox One will have the better looking games with Tiled Resources

The only reason I quote developers on power is for the fanboys that are stuck in La La Land thinking there's a 50% difference

P0werVR3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )


You sir are spot on with that!

I believe Xbox One is designed beautifully overall. Well balanced high performance. Seems like we're talking cars here.

yewles13921d ago

"balance": 17 times in this article...

jay23921d ago

Wow, We'll be waiting a long time to see something from this dev, only got the hardware in Feb.

B-radical3921d ago

So this devloper's claim is that both have there pro's and con's against each other...yet we been hearing from other developers they are similar

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darthv721316d ago

If you purposely limit the output resolution to 1080p on both the pro and X, does it make the framerate more stable?

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RaidenBlack1315d ago

They need to implement a more aggressive DRS to maintain a stable framerate.
The very same thing DF stated for AC Valhalla.