Xbox One Lead Planner on Call of Duty Ghosts' Resolution: "I Don't Comment On 3rd Party Games Stuff"

"It's been a busy weekend, whichever you look at it, with journalist Adam Sessler tweeting about bad news coming soon for the industry and Kevin Dent issuing clarifications about nearly everything under the sun including resolutions and video uploading."

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jackanderson19851815d ago

really 25? damn that seems so far away... yet so close

rezzah1815d ago

The less you think about it the "quicker" it'll arrive.

MRMagoo1231815d ago

what is the point in an article where the person basically says "i cant say anything or wont say anything" lol its just silly.

joe901815d ago

Because this is N4G and this is a flame bait article, will get high views as everyone loves to see how the Xbone is "supposedly" suffering.

quinten4881815d ago

No matter what the resolution is, the ps4 will still dominate.

drsfinest721815d ago

I can see why you have two bubbles

NeoTribe1815d ago

Your one bubble away.... you'll be at two and then one soon enough. Give it time.

Mystogan1815d ago

He just..He just earned a bubble by saying that...

drsfinest721815d ago

& that's why this site is going downhill biased shit like that gets bubbles up. Lol this site is a joke to me know. I only be here for the giggles

Kingthrash3601815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

while that prediction may be solid ....i just wanna play games. period. no war bs no this better than that just good ol gettin lost in the new generation of games. the war rumors and speculation is just too old right now and taking the fun out of gaming. but its interesting nonetheless and thats why i read but we all know sony is more powerful and has a ton of momentum, lets not rub the nose of x1 adopters and just enjoy games.

n4g gamers squad up

pompombrum1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

See the problem for many gamers is that Microsoft's initial vision stopped them from just enjoying games. They might have done many 180s changing this initial vision but it's still too early for me to simply forget how close they came to destroying console gaming as we know it. With this in mind, the console war almost feels personal for me and I too hope the ps4 blows the Xbox out of the sky.

BattleTorn1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

See this is the exact problem with N4G: (aiBreeze, above)

We have members willing openly say "the console war feels personal to me, I want Sony to blow the Xbox out of the sky" AND get more agrees than disagrees.

And then we have these type of people also commenting as if they're level headed game industry critics.

You can't accurately judge either console, especially anything Xbox, when you "personal feelings" are at stake, cause you want one company will stomp out the other so badly.

Robearboy1815d ago

excellent foresight there fella - you must be a Billionaire if you can predict the future

johny51815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

What's worse though is the fact you show no confidence in your own design that you helped create. XBOX ONE has turned out to be a Frankenstein. A handicapped console with so many problems yet they don't want to show face because it turned out not being as great as they thought it would compared to the competition. This console is at least a year behind and Microsoft knows it!

Legacy2121815d ago

Arthur geis from polygon already confirmed that the x1 got hit for multiplats because MS was late with their drivers and this wont be a problem in future cuz MS has updated them. N4g approved and failed that article because it was a tweet from a gaming journalist go check out the failed section

christocolus1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

"Will it be 720p on the Xbox One? Will either fact stop
it from selling millions of copies when it launches
on November 5th for current-gen consoles, on
November 15th/29th for PS4 in North America/
Europe and on November 22nd for Xbox One? Most
likely not"

i have been saying this"most gamers dont care about resolutions"..i guess we will find out soon enough.

black0o1815d ago

the thing is res is the way to tell wish console has better multi-plat ports

and yes by the end of the day no one gves a damn about the res as long as the gameply is fan

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