PS4 Link app available prior to PlayStation 4 launch

With the recent press release regarding the PlayStation app for mobile, PlayStation Vita owners were left wondering when they would get their version of the app; "PS4 Link". Unhappy with this, The Vita Lounge Editor asked Shuhei Yoshida for an answer - and got one.

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stavrami1817d ago

can't wait for this i'm rubbing my groin just thinking about it

GutZ311817d ago

I rubbing his groin as well. Wait, wut...?

SniperControl1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Ahhh c'mon guys, trying to eat my lunch here.

OT: Yeah this app looks fantastic, i will have it on my phone,tablet and of the Vita.

stavrami1817d ago

i was going for a lazy one anyways makes more sense there being a third wheel involved :-//

Stsonic1817d ago

When is the date I can't load the page.

Skate-AK1817d ago

iOS/Android November 13

teflontactics1817d ago

Unlike the iOS/Andorid version which is actually a different app (PlayStation app for mobile vs PS4 Link for PSVita), there's no solid date.

Shuhei simply stated "before the PS4 launch".